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13 January, 2021

The Sun

Solar activity was very low. The solar disk remained spotless. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in available imagery.

The solar kp index is quiet, with no changes to retrograde effects. The solar wind speed is currently normal.

Solar wind parameters remained slightly enhanced, but waning, as influence from the combined effects of the transient and the positive polarity CH HSS began to taper off. Solar wind speed reached a peak of 488 km/s, total field strength reached 7 nT, and Bz observed a maximum southward deflection to -5 nT. Phi remained in a mostly positive sector for most of the period.

There is a 15% chance of solar activity, with a 1% chance of a minor event, a 1% chance of a moderate event, and a 1% chance of a strong event.

The Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn, at 27 degrees, 32' 55", at a velocity of 13.85 degrees per day.

The New moon is currently 0.3 days old. It is 378991.71 km from the centre of the Earth.

The next new moon is at 19:08:11, 11 Feb, 2021. The next full moon is at 8:19:36, 27 Feb, 2021.

Moon in Capricorn

How much do you have left undone right now? Focus your attention on those unfinished projects and get them off your plate. Put in the work and while the moon is in Capricorn you're going to clear that todo list. Work smart! With the moon in conservative Capricorn, it's time to be a bit more cautious, focus seriously, and embrace that "down to earth" nature. Pay attention to the longer-term goals. During this Capricorn Moon, take note of your professional life. Put in the extra effort and it will pay off, and always keep your eye on the next move.

Planetary Information


The Sun

The Sun is in Capricorn

The Sun is at 23 Cap 32' 26", and is 147139412 km away and receding.

The Sun in Capricorn

Winter arrives in the northern hemisphere when the Sun moves into cool Capricorn. There’s a serious tone about this time of year because it’s when we look for new hope in a time of darkness. Just as the Capricorn symbol of the Mountain Goat climbs higher and higher, most of us will work hard toward bigger and better things during this time.

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by karmic planet Saturn, so when the Sun moves into this sign, we’ll all spend a little time contemplating the karmic lessons from the past year. This transit also urges us come up with new goals and take the first steps toward achieving them. It’s no coincidence that the New Year happens under the Capricorn Sun!

Learn more about how we'll all buckle down when the Sun moves its way through the responsible sign of Capricorn...

Things get a little more buttoned up when the Sun moves into conservative Capricorn. Reveal the key to your success during this transit:


Take care of business. This persevering Goat likes to be in control, which helps them stay on track as they climb the ladder of success. Act like a Capricorn by getting organized and planning for the future!


"Do this, don’t do that." Capricorn is known for being bossy, but it’s because they care so much. If you need to take charge and get a little bossy so you can get things done, go ahead while the Capricorn Sun is shining!


Work ... on a Saturday. Capricorn isn’t going to let some silly little thing like the weekend get in the way of everything they’re trying to accomplish. The Sun in Capricorn is an ideal time to put in some extra hours at the office.


A suit and tie. Image is very important to Capricorn, so they like to be dressed perfectly for every occasion. Make a statement with your wardrobe by wearing something that says you’re the boss of whatever you’re doing.


Nothing! Save your money. Capricorn works hard for the money, holding on to things forever and using them until they fall apart. If you do buy something, make sure it’s a quality piece that will last a long time, since that’s what Capricorn would do.


Burnout. Capricorn’s biggest struggle is finding time for fun in the midst of getting things done. Remember to take a break every once in a while and have a few laughs.


Coming out on top! Capricorn is the most masterful zodiac sign, fierce and determined to be the very best at whatever game they play. This transit will help you harness some of that winning Capricorn energy for yourself.


The Moon

The Moon is in Capricorn

The Moon will change from Capricorn to Aquarius in the next 24 hours.

The Moon is at 27 Cap 32' 55", and is 375345 km away and receding.

Moon in Capricorn

How much do you have left undone right now? Focus your attention on those unfinished projects and get them off your plate. Put in the work and while the moon is in Capricorn you're going to clear that todo list. Work smart! With the moon in conservative Capricorn, it's time to be a bit more cautious, focus seriously, and embrace that "down to earth" nature. Pay attention to the longer-term goals. During this Capricorn Moon, take note of your professional life. Put in the extra effort and it will pay off, and always keep your eye on the next move.



Mercury is in Aquarius

Mercury is prograde at 08 Aqu 09' 35", moving at 1.6 degrees per day, and is 182436360 km away and approaching.

mercury in aquarius

Our thoughts and ideas become more progressive when Mercury sets up camp in Aquarius. This sign is known for pushing the envelope, so when it pairs up with the planet of mental activity, we’ll want to consider what could be rather than what is. We shouldn’t be surprised if we come up with a few far-fetched and wacky ideas during Mercury in Aquarius.

Aquarius is about remaining neutral and not letting our feelings get in the way of the truth. So when Mercury does his trek through this sign, we’ll have the opportunity to view the things we’re emotionally invested in through a more rational lens. This approach could finally help us see people and situations for what they really are. Expect a few "a-ha" moments courtesy of this dynamic duo!

The one thing to watch out for during Mercury’s time in this sign is hurting or neglecting other people’s feelings. The cerebral nature of Mercury in Aquarius can overpower emotions and rationalize them away, making it difficult to feel. It’s possible that we’ll lose touch with our sensitive sides, so we need to do our best to handle any conversations we have during this time with care.



Venus is in Capricorn

Venus is prograde at 06 Cap 06' 02", moving at 1.25 degrees per day, and is 239588289 km away and receding.

venus in capricorn

We take our relationships a lot more seriously when loving Venus moves into committed Capricorn. This transit challenges us to put in the effort needed to get the love and affection we truly desire. For those who are coupled, this is their chance to work through problems or have deep conversations about what they envision for the future. And what about those looking for love? This is their opportunity to ditch flighty flirtations in favor of long-lasting love. With Venus in Capricorn, we want our romantic affairs to go the distance.

In addition to its impact on love and relationships, Venus in Capricorn has the same serious effect on all things relating to beauty. This transit may urge us to trade in flashy pieces of clothing and edgy hairdos for a more subdued style. It’s also a great time to get started on any artistic endeavors we’ve been considering. Not only do we have an enhanced ability for building and creating things, but Capricorn also gives Venus the dedication needed to start projects and see them all the way through to the finish line.

Venus in Capricorn has a strong business aspect to it, and it could bring up themes of re-evaluating the worth we bring to our chosen professions. We might ask ourselves if we’re getting the validation we need from our employer, or whether or not we are climbing up the ladder of success the way we had hoped. There is incredible potential for reconnecting with our own inner authority and owning up to whatever it is we need to do to take our career to the next level.



Mars is in Taurus

Mars is prograde at 03 Tau 06' 06", moving at 0.48 degrees per day, and is 151759428 km away and receding.

mars in taurus

Warrior planet Mars is about initiative and jumping into action. Hard-headed Taurus wants to take it easy and do things at his own pace. So, Mars in Taurus could be a time when we find it more difficult to get new projects off the ground. However, if we do manage to get the ball rolling on a plan during this transit, the influence of Taurus’ enduring nature will make sure we see it all the way through.

Mars is the planet of anger, a stark contrast to the calm Bull who doesn’t charge unless provoked. As a result, we may try to avoid confrontation as much as possible when Mars is in Taurus. While it’s easier to hide out than it is to show up for a showdown, resentment doesn’t disappear because we’ve sidestepped it. It will just get pushed down until our tempers flare, making for explosive displays if we’re not careful.

"Where’s the money, honey?" That’s what we’ll be asking ourselves while Mars moves through security-seeking Taurus. Our finances will come into focus, and material comfort becomes more important. Mars in Taurus is an excellent opportunity for us to fight (Mars) for what we value (Taurus), and pursue our financial goals with incredible steadfastness.

But it won’t be all work and no play when Mars is in Taurus! The Bull also encourages us to slow down and enjoy all the earthly pleasures life has to offer. What’s the point of working so hard if we don’t stop to enjoy the fruits of our labor every once in a while? Taurus has perfected the art of indulgence, so when Mars moves through this sign, it’ll be a time for us to kick off our shoes and relax for a bit.



Jupiter is in Aquarius

Jupiter is prograde at 05 Aqu 41' 03", moving at 0.23 degrees per day, and is 904889479 km away and receding.

jupiter in aquarius

Aquarius is a very idealistic sign. It has a knack for seeing what’s wrong with the world, then coming up with unique and innovative ways to improve things. While Jupiter is moving through Aquarius, we are all gifted with this Aquarian ability to think and do things differently, and create a more ideal future. Thanks to the expanding nature of Jupiter, it’s easier to step outside of ourselves during this time to consider the needs of others in our communities, countries, and the world at large.

Jupiter in Aquarius makes us optimistic for the future. Regardless of how things look in the present moment, we know we have the ideas and solutions that will make for a better tomorrow. Instead of seeing limits we see opportunities. Instead of seeing differences we see similarities.

During Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius, we’ll find it easier to connect with other people who have the same visions as we do, so we can join forces to instigate the changes that need to be made. Jupiter is a planet that prizes learning, making this a time that we can learn a great deal from others. We want to share our own ideas with others, but we can gain even more knowledge by listening to the unique thoughts and experiences of those around us.

There is, however, a potential for philosophical extremism during this transit, if the radical tendencies of Aquarius are not tempered with compassion and respect for others’ opinions. Both Jupiter and Aquarius have a strong need to be right, and can be intolerant of differing viewpoints. We must remember that this is a time to look further than our individual preferences and privileges, and realize that we each need to be committed to the survival and well-being of the one group we ALL belong to: humanity.



Saturn is in Aquarius

Saturn is prograde at 03 Aqu 04' 47", moving at 0.12 degrees per day, and is 1638642443 km away and receding.

saturn in aquarius

Aquarian energy is humanitarian. It is full of boundless ideas about what will improve the lives of others, and how shared efforts can make the world a better place. As the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules over the 11th House of Groups and Visions. This is the playground of visionaries, inventors, and creators. But as with anything airy, this sign exists primarily on the mental plane. This is why when grounded and pragmatic Saturn moves into Aquarius, the two inspire each other in truly monumental ways.

With this focus on structure in the realm of groups and visions, now is the perfect time for us to connect with others and take action on our most lofty plans: find ways to give back to the community, network in some way with people in your field, or lay the groundwork for that non-profit that's been kicked around for ages.

Saturn in Aquarius can also be a very auspicious time to begin or deepen a relationship. This transit brings people together to reach beyond the individual’s capabilities. Romances or marriages that are established during this time are some of the most powerful and activated unions of all.

As much as this transit strengthens and deepens connections, it also has the potential to end that which is no longer serving us (or maybe never did in the first place). Be on the lookout for people and connections that drain you, and be ready to let them go. Now is the time for building sturdy and lasting structures. Sometimes this means letting go of weak links in friendship, love, and work.



Uranus is in Taurus

Uranus is retrograde at 06 Tau 43' 19", moving backwards at 0 degrees per day, and is 2920623657 km away and receding.

uranus in taurus

Taurus is a sign that likes things steady and stable, and isn’t the best at handling big, sudden changes ... but big, sudden changes are what Uranus is all about! Taurus would prefer to stick to the status quo and keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. The problem is, the old ways aren’t always the best ways. Even if we are resistant to the changes Uranus in Taurus brings, we have no choice but to go along for the ride, and, chances are, we’ll realize in the end that these changes brought us to a much better place.

Money is Taurus’ main area of expertise, so while Uranus is in Taurus, we can expect some very revolutionary ways of handling and dealing with money, both nationwide and worldwide. During the seven years Uranus will spend in Taurus, brand-new forms of currency may arise, banks and banking could come to a halt or change dramatically, and the housing and stock markets may be in for a major shake-up.

On a more personal level, Uranus in Taurus encourages us to break free from the grips of money: debt, taxes, credit card interest, rent, and mortgages are all things that can prevent us from saving money or using it the way we want to. We may also feel trapped by our material possessions in general. During this transit, we must be ready and willing to change our relationship to money and materialism -- we no longer have a choice. Uranus is here to liberate us, and digging in our heels and resisting won’t make things any easier ... and won’t stop these changes from happening. The changes we make during this period can actually help bring us to a point of greater stability, and can be very long-lasting.



Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune is prograde at 18 Pis 44' 39", moving at 0.02 degrees per day, and is 4559298841 km away and receding.

neptune in pisces

Neptune in Pisces grants us a unique form of sight. As the Piscean focus on emotion and spirit merges with Neptune’s pull to unify all things, a clarity emerges from the fog, shedding light on our own contradictions. We can suddenly see clearly the futility of caring about petty differences. The value of coming together shines like gold, and the path to wholeness is illuminated.

This transit calls us to look at what we each can contribute toward our collective progress and healing. We all have gifts, ideas, and dreams for how things could be. Neptune in Pisces is an invitation to explore our emotional intelligence for our own unique offerings.

This is the perfect time to take a course in a spiritual path that calls to us, or to create an altar space at home and connect with that which feels most sacred. The energy of Neptune in Pisces nudges us to consider how to then share these ideas with the world, and reminds us that its presence will support us in this process.



Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto is prograde at 24 Cap 36' 07", moving at 0.03 degrees per day, and is 5263317493 km away and receding.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto and Capricorn are both oriented toward success and power, sharing a strong sense of intention and focus that makes them very efficient in their tasks. We may find that our compassion for the viewpoints of other people gets cast aside during this transit, though, since both Pluto and Capricorn demand results. Beware of being intolerant of ideas other than your own.

Pluto wants us to jettison our negative patterns that no longer work for us. Of course, this involves some constructive destruction. Be deliberate in what you destroy as you create. 

Current Planetary Aspects

Current Chart
Sun23 Cap 32' 26"
Moon27 Cap 32' 55"
Mercury08 Aqu 09' 35"
Venus06 Cap 06' 02"
Mars03 Tau 06' 06"
Jupiter05 Aqu 41' 03"
Saturn03 Aqu 04' 47"
Uranus06 Tau 43' 19" R
Neptune18 Pis 44' 39"
Pluto24 Cap 36' 07"

Current Planetary Positions


The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Moon

Your individuality and personality seem at one today. You feel like you really know and understand yourself and what it is that you want and need to do. Today might be a good day to shine light on your unconscious attitudes and habit patterns with the hope of improving your weak points. Change the areas of your personality that you aren't satisfied with.

The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Pluto

You may feel strong forces at work today, forces of will, power, transformation, and regeneration. These forces might manifest as a desire to build or create something new or to make some sweeping change in your life. They might also appear in some sort of power play or desire to control someone. Realize that you can't control anyone but yourself and use the energies today to gain greater self-control and humility. Ego conflicts can be intense today.



Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

Broaden your mental horizons today. Expand your consciousness by going to new places, both in thought and in person. Today is a good day to reconcile differences of opinions with others as both you and they are more tolerant of differing viewpoints. Legal activities as well as travel are favored today.




Mercury Square Uranus

Avoid hasty speech and things said in anger in the heat of the moment. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. There may be sudden changes in travel plans. Be extra cautious while traveling as accidents are possible through carelessness and impatience.You possess a quick mind, you are very intuitive, and you require a great deal of mental stimulation to keep from feeling bored. Preferring to be self-directed, you don’t always take advice easily. There is a part of you that loves to shock, challenge, and instigate with the things you say; however, this may not be a conscious process. Your mental energy and output is extremely variable–one day you might be capable of enormous effort and interest in a project, and the next day the opposite. This is largely due to the fact that you feel a strong need to be true to your instincts and intuition, and if you are not absolutely inspired, you don’t feel right working on a project–you might feel that you are “faking” it, and this doesn’t sit well for you. The problem is that in life there are always going to be routine tasks to complete, things we have to do that don’t entirely suit our interests, and so forth. School years may be challenging as a result of your disdain for a linear approach to learning, routine tasks, and subjects that don’t inspire you, not because of any lack of mental ability. In fact, you can have real flashes of genius and your ideas and perspectives are often very original. At times you can be very dogmatic. You have a tendency to be, or to appear to be, scatterbrained. Your attention span can be short, and as a result, you might often leave projects unfinished. At times you can have an irritable temper and need to channel some of your nervous energy into constructive pursuits. Take time to reflect on what you truly believe in, because many times you are too busy challenging established thought, or playing devil’s advocate, to get in touch with your own opinions and feelings. This way, your intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity can come shining through.Some Famous People with the Mercury in Hard Aspect to Uranus: Squares – Sigourney Weaver, Oliver Stone, Steven Seagal, George Clooney, Drew Carey, Bjork. Oppositions – Howard Stern, Voltaire, Henri Matisse, Billy Jean King, Robert Browning, Charles Chaplin, Danny DeVito.



Venus Trine Mars

You are charming and magnetic to the opposite sex. Social activities go well today and everyone you meet, you like. Others find beauty and harmony in you and you are on your best behavior. You relate beautifully to others. There is romance in the air and you're ready for it. Art, music, and anything uplifting is favored. Tell the one you love how you feel. Be romantic.It is easy for these people to attract attention of the positive kind. They radiate charm, vitality, and enthusiasm on some level that others appreciate. Not inclined to try to cover up their flaws, these people have a way of presenting themselves in a straightforward manner, and their ability to admit their mistakes and their fumbles only adds to their charm. They find it easy and natural to get along with both sexes quite equally. They possess considerable creative talent, but whether or not they use it is dependent on other factors. They may take their own talents for granted and often need some kind of stimulus or encouragement to do something with them. One of the reasons for this is the fact that their creativity comes so naturally to them that they may be surprised when others recognize their talents. Similarly, they usually possess athletic ability and may need some encouragement to develop it.The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Venus and Mars have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.Interpretation sample from the Karmic Insight report — Actively creating harmony and beauty through your work, art, or with people is part of what you are here to do. You have developed a harmonious coordination between the masculine and feminine energies within yourself; thus, you combine strength with grace, power with elegance, decisiveness and effort with pleasure, passion with tenderness and sensitivity. You have a romantic soul.Some positive expressions of this pattern might include athletic activities that have an aesthetic appeal, such as figure skating, or artistic endeavors that are active, such as performing dance or opera singing.Actively bringing people together in some way, for mutual pleasure and benefits, is also one of your gifts.Some Famous People with Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Mars: Sextiles – Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty, Ian Thorpe, Harry Belafonte, Kirk Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Curtin, Matt Damon, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, Erich Fromm, Crispin Glover, Elliott Gould, Amy Jo Johnson, Bob Newhart, Molly Ringwald, Robin Williams; Trines – Melissa Anderson, Jason Bateman, Pierre Cardin, Natalie Cole, John Coltrane, Mick Jagger, Ann Jillian, Billie Jean King, Marilyn Manson, Joe Montana, Bonnie Raitt, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears.



Venus Trine Uranus

Unusual, exciting, and unexpected business, social or romantic opportunities can occur now. You are charming, sparkling, witty, and others want you in their company. You exude a certain magnetism that draws people closer to you. Unusual ideas or ways to make money may surface now. You feel free and are happy to be alive. There is a sense of electricity running through you and you feel as if anything could happen. Intuition is strong. Go with it.The ability to get along with–and accept–people from all walks of life as friends is strong with this position. These people can readily see through insincerity in others. In relationships, tolerance is the most important “ingredient” to these people. Their sexual preferences are somewhat unconventional, and they won’t be happy with a partner who tries to limit their sexual expression. They are usually quite capable of maintaining relationships that require a great deal of freedom and tolerance, such as long-distance romances or set-ups in which partners are unable to see each other consistently. Their style in love is somewhat free and breezy, and noncommittal. They quite naturally accept the idea that their partner might need some personal space and freedom.The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Venus and Uranus have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.Alternate interpretations:Venus sextile Uranus or Venus trine Uranus: *You are open and progressive in your attitudes towards love and romance, and spontaneous and free in your love-expression. You are always willing to experiment and try anything new that your partner suggests, and you enjoy being surprised. A relationship in which both you and your partner have a good deal of freedom and independence will hold your interest much more than a safe, predictable one.#On the physical level you feel the sexual spark in relationships immediately. On the spiritual level you are able to discern facts about their future through the same spark. From Your Spiritual Path report.Some Famous People with Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Uranus: Sextiles – Marlene Dietrich, Gene Hackman, William Blake, Joe Cocker; Trines – Donald Sutherland, Maria Shriver, Arnold Palmer, Molly Ringwald, Jerry Lee Lewis, Barry Gibb, Ron Howard, Carmen Electra, Prince Albert, Lucille Ball.



Mars Square Jupiter

Today is not the day to gamble or to take chances. You may be feeling over-optimistic and that optimism is not warranted today. You may be inclined to promise more than you can deliver. Pull in your reins a little and don't expect too much. Stay in control of yourself and remember "a man's got to know his limitations." Work off extra energy safely through physical exercise. Put off business deals until this aspect is over. Then, review your plans to make sure every thing is on the up and up. Don't be rash as this could lead to accidents. Take your time and be patient. Control your impulsive spending.This aspect brings great impulsiveness, insatiable desires, playfulness, and daring. You might be frequently trying to prove yourself, to others and/or yourself, and thus readily take on a challenge. You desire exciting experiences and may rarely be satisfied with your life as it is. You require much space and freedom, and you demand to be treated with fairness. You need to be careful that your behavior is deserving of these liberties, and that you treat others with the same respect. Many people with this position tend to flee when angry. This is not because they are afraid of confrontation, because they certainly are not, but when they are frustrated, a deep inner restlessness is stirred. Some people with this position can be quite self-serving, often without even realizing it, demanding freedom and space from others but not necessarily returning the favor.Another negative expression of Mars square Jupiter and Mars opposition Jupiter is a haughty or boastful attitude–some with this aspect in their birth charts feel they can get away with practically anything. Often they can, and even when they don’t, they are quick to recover from losses. However, this is generally due to a tendency to turn a blind eye to what has happened. Here again is the tendency to flee rather than reflect. They are quick to forget or ignore their mistakes, thus the chances of repeating them run high!Your impulsiveness combined with a competitive streak can incline you to gambling, not just with money. Your sex drive is considerable, and some with this position never feel they have enough, or enough experiences, which can lead to sexual promiscuity for some. You would benefit greatly from more time for self-reflection, as you don’t always see your behavior clearly. When you don’t learn from your mistakes, you repeat them.You are attracted to adventure, exploration, and conquest. There is a real spirit of adventure with Mars-Jupiter aspects, but because these planets are in challenging aspect, there can be difficulty knowing when to stop, and slowing down long enough to feel satisfied with one’s accomplishments. Dieters are encouraged to slow down while eating a meal so that they can know when they are full and satisfied. If they eat too quickly, they are likely to eat more than they need. Similarly, people with Mars in hard aspect to Jupiter would benefit from slowing down and reflecting on their experiences so that they avoid living life feeling they have never had enough. This can also help to avoid this position’s tendency to be accident-prone. Males with this position might be difficult to domesticate! There can be exaggerated “masculine” traits, including an insatiable need to “hunt”.You are very resilient, bouncing back from any setback quickly and usually in a stronger position. You are quite playful and humorous, love to joke around, enjoy practical jokes, and are quick to smile and laugh.Interpretation sample from the KidZone report – Mars opposition JupiterThe native has the feisty planet Mars in opposition to the expansive planet Jupiter. This is a very positive aspect. The native will have lots of energy and lots of optimism, with an enthusiasm that attracts. However, these little ones may have some difficulty getting along with people because they are naturally competitive rather than co-operative. This competitiveness is not aggression. These youngsters simply enjoy a good spirited contest. But they would find life so much easier if they did not treat everything and everyone as competition.This aspect can signify athletic ability. The child will definitely need an outlet for abundant physical energy. Where better than through some sort of physical sport? The natural competitive nature will be more easily accepted in this sort of atmosphere too. This child will be very restless and need a lot of freedom. These kids will not like anyone holding them back or placing restrictions upon them. The outdoors will appeal to this sense of freedom.These kids may be rather clumsy, especially while they are young. There could be a tendency to be accident-prone. The main problem is that this child is in too much of a hurry. These youngsters get too carried away in the excitement of the moment. ‘Less haste – more speed’ could be a good motto for this little one.The onset of puberty will be exciting for this child but the compulsive urge to grab every opportunity that comes along can be a source of total exhaustion that will be ignored. Relating to [love interests] will be relatively easy, but some lessons on taking sexual responsibility will be needed. When the child grows up and forms close relationships with [love interests], a sense of freedom will be important. These individuals react aggressively when they feel emotional stress. They will always tend to act impulsively. Any partner will have to give this child plenty of personal space, and perhaps be prepared for him or her to have some rather dictatorial views.Alternate, short interpretations: Interpretation sample from the Merlin report – Mars square Jupiter or Mars opposition Jupiter: You are enterprising, ambitious, and have a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Ever on the look out for new opportunities and promising new ventures, you are willing to take risks if you sense that something is going to be a winner. No matter how much you accomplish, you never seem to be completely satisfied. You always feel you can do more, and set your sights on another goal. You feel frustrated in limited circumstances, and you will leave secure and reasonably successful situations if they do not offer challenges and potential for growth and expansion in the future. You like to keep stretching your limits, to see how far you can go. Sometimes you over-extend yourself or promise more than you can actually achieve, due to an overly optimistic or overly confident assessment of your own capacities. You relish healthy competition and feel that it spurs you on to even greater achievements.Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report – Your spiritual interaction with other people is generally quite fortunate in nature. You gain an understanding of a wide range of spiritual teachings through direct contact with others, and you develop the ability to resolve conflicts on all levels of business and personal life in this way.Interpretation sample from the Karmic Insight report – You have broad, expansive goals and will not be content with humble achievements or success on a small scale. Enthralled with the joy of the conquest, your desires and enthusiasm may gallop away with you. You often do not know when you have had or done enough. Many things do come easily to you–athletics, leadership, creative efforts of all kind–and you are apt to have King Midas’s touch, especially early in life. However, this may lead to overconfidence or inflated expectations later on. In your work you are apt to be an overachiever with an overemphasis on physical and/or sexual adventure. Once again, not knowing when to stop or say no can be your downfall.Some Famous People with the Mars in Hard Aspect to Jupiter: Squares – Vincent Van Gogh, Chuck Berry, Johnny Carson, Nat King Cole, Tim Conway, Marie Curie, Jessica Hahn, Diane Keaton, Michael Landon. Oppositions – Richard Wagner, Gay Talese, Rick Springfield, Gene Simmons, Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Fonda, David Copperfield, Julius Caesar, Bruce Lee.



Mars Square Saturn

You must control your feelings of resentment and anger today as these feelings may be stronger than usual. Watch yourself and be careful of falls, bruises, burns, and accidents. Be cautious and take things slow today. Stay alert and do not become careless. Stay focused and organized and do your duty. Don't rail against it. It will only make things worse. Today will pass and tomorrow will be brighter, so hang in there and stop worrying.You are a perfectionist. You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard. Your energy becomes freer to work in an unencumbered way when you recognize that you aren’t really looking to match an objective standard at all. What you want is to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground to stand on. The real trick in life for you is to keep moving. This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a project after forethought or planning; your judgments tend to be colored by your fears or your momentary desires. You work very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable. But, you could end up working very hard for no gain. This is avoidable through balancing your drives with your responsibilities. You find that you have better health and much freer energy if you get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth report.Mars square Saturn or Mars opposition Saturn: *You work hard and patiently to achieve your objectives, persevering and continuing on in spite of difficulties and discouragement. Concentrating on a single, clearly defined goal, you are able to accomplish much, but you often feel that the way is long and arduous, and that you must struggle on alone, that it’s all on your shoulders.You are capable of great self-control and self-denial and can be a hard task master, expecting far too much of yourself. You also tend to hold yourself back, to doubt your own power and ability. You feel that you meet with great resistance whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative. Anger and frustration can be big problems for you, especially when you try to work with other people or depend too much on others for support. You work best in solitude.#Your involvement with other people often focuses on the harshest side of human experience. You become aware of destructive energies around you and learn to overcome these difficulties. Your spiritual life can become the source of nearly inexhaustible energy. You face tests through separation.Some Famous People with the Mars in Hard Aspect to Saturn: Squares – Susan Sarandon, Claudia Schiffer, River Phoenix, Phil Hartman, Julius Caesar; Oppositions – Sheena Easton, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields, Darryl Hannah, George Clooney, Todd Bridges, Jean-Claude Van Damme.



Mars Conjunct Uranus

Today is the day to be mellow. This may be difficult to do as your body and your nerves are probably racing in all sorts of directions. Acting rashly or in a headstrong manner may lead to an accident. Be careful and slow things down a little. Watch your driving today and do not speed. Mechanical devices may be dangerous if you do not stay alert and careful. The main thing today is to avoid carelessness and haste. Expect the unexpected and plan ahead for any contingencies. The rebel in you is likely to come out today. Don't burn any bridges behind you. You may need them later on. Also keep in mind that others may need an extra measure of freedom and independence today as well as yourself. Watch the tendency to be selfish and demanding. Do not feel annoyed by a perceived lack of freedom. True freedom comes from within, not from without.You have a rather provocative and often dogmatic personality. You tend to make your own rules, and don’t much like taking orders. You refuse to be labeled or put in a box. There is a natural, latent impulse to disrupt, rebel, and question. You are original, inventive, and sometimes erratic, often acting on blind impulse. Many find you attractive and intriguing. You might easily become bored, but you are also clever and inventive enough to come up with exciting new projects, challenges, and endeavors.You don’t respond well to pressure or to direct orders. You might enjoy shocking others by breaking rules and taboos. You could become a pioneer in a field, and you certainly are able to lead the way for others, although focus is sometimes lacking with this position. You see things in such a way that you know there always choices and options, and you don’t believe in fate. You are an individualist who can relate to pretty much anyone in the world, from all walks of life. You are often the first to embrace new, improved, and cutting-edge products, things, and ideas.Alternate, short interpretations: *Dynamic, self-willed, and fiercely independent, you have extraordinary drive and energy. When you want something, you want it NOW, and you act quickly, impulsively, and decisively. Your impatience inclines you to be abrupt with people and reckless. You need a great deal of personal freedom to do things in your own way and do not happily conform to schedules, rules, or regimes imposed by others. You are intolerant of authority and can be very rebellious. You are very frank with others, sometimes brutally so. You may have an explosive temper. High-strung and often nervous and tense, you find it difficult to slow down, pace yourself, or relax. You are always on the go. You are restless, daring, and experimental.#Like certain of the Christian saints, you tend to accidentally fall into the spiritual experiences you need. This could be through a physical accident, or it may be that your intuition and energy bring you to the proper crossroads again and again.Some Famous People with Mars conjunct Uranus: Ava Gardner (in Pisces), Michael J. Fox (in Leo), Arnold Schwarzenegger (in Gemini), H.G. Wells, Alfred Tennyson, Frank Sinatra Jr. (in Gemini), Rihanna (Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Capricorn, also conjunct Saturn), Keith Richards (in Gemini), Jim Morrison (in Gemini), Paul Lynde, Johnny Depp (in Virgo).



Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

You are serious minded and industrious with concern for long range goals and purposes. You feel a need to combine growth and expansion with prudence and good management. Make your practical affairs conform to your philosophic ideals. You exhibit sound financial management. This is a great time to handle all your business and legal affairs. Grow within your present boundaries.You have a conservative streak in you that is seeking the lowest common denominator. You get to your goal in life and accomplish much by slow, tenacious effort. Your life really takes off between the ages of 27 and 36. It is during this time that you “find yourself”. Your success is directly linked to the success of the culture. You rise and fall with the fortunes of everyone else. Seeing this principle in operation, perhaps you can pace yourself so that you don’t waste time and energy trying to push your own life forward faster than the country or the social order can assimilate it. — Interpretation from the Indra report.*Your aspirations and dreams are always tempered by realism and practical considerations. You pursue your aims in a systematic, disciplined, and thorough manner, and you are willing to take your time, advancing slowly and steadily on your way to your goal.Sometimes you underestimate what is possible, and hold yourself back unnecessarily due to a lack of faith or an overly cautious attitude.#Patience is the key ingredient to management of change in your life. You have survived many previous changes, and your spiritual future will doubtless include some more. You make progress in seclusion.~This aspect occurs about every nineteen years, lasts for a considerable period, and thus affects large numbers of people born during these times. In general, it indicates a period of law and order, and people born under it are pillars of society, quietly and nobly ambitious to succeed, but willing to do so only in an orthodox and utterly honorable fashion. If you have this aspect you are conventional, orderly, proud, aspiring, with a quiet dignity about you that impresses your friends. In whatever sphere you may be you are supported and made prosperous and secure to some extent. If you also have Moon conjunct/sextile/or trine Jupiter, or Sun conjunct/sextile or trine Jupiter: You will rise to considerable honor, or even fame, though you will have a long apprenticeship to serve before your value and worth are recognized. You are eager for recognition but hate notoriety, so your recognition when it comes will rest on secure foundations.If you also have Mars square or opposition Saturn: You have a swifter rise, more aggressive nature, and less certain tenure of public approval.If you also have Mars sextile or trine Saturn, or Jupiter sextile or trine Uranus, or Jupiter sextile or trine Neptune: There is a probability of wealth.This position is somewhat late in bringing its benefits, generally not being felt until after the thirtieth year, except in setting the mold of your personality and your ambitions; but after this it works steadily on your side. Positions of influence are most likely – government, army, ministry, the law. You may be an author, leaving your imprint on literature for generations.Some Famous People with Jupiter conjunct Saturn: Walt Disney.



Jupiter Square Uranus

Over-optimism, impracticality, impatience and a lack of common sense may afflict you now. You desire freedom and want to break out of your current situation at all costs. Unwise expansion can lead to disaster. Guard against jumping to conclusions and taking too much for granted. Freedom does not come without responsibility. Be on guard for get rich quick schemes. You will not make any money from them during this transit. Unwise financial partnerships can cost you now. Sudden problems can develop during travel. Delay that trip if you can.

Notes about Transits

Mars is all about action, and where Mars is in our chart with transits is a place where we are prepared to stand our ground. Mars transits can be really productive, but they can also be angsty, aggressive, and sometimes come from a place of anger. It's important to pay attention to how you direct that energy. Mars transits can last for up to a couple weeks.
Jupiter transits enhance your life with optimism and forward-thinking, and lasting for about a month, give you plenty of time to take advantage. Bigger and better is Jupiter's way of thinking, and should be yours as well.
Saturn transits, on the other hand, are where we get a major reality check, and if we’re not ready for them, they can be pretty rotten. Of course, if we’re prepared and up to the task, Saturn transits can also bring very well-deserved rewards, too. Saturn transits last a bit longer than Jupiter transits—usually 2 months or so at a time, but with retrograde cycles, you could be looking at the same lessons three times over a 6 month period.
The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto last for such a long time that they make long-lasting impacts on our lives. In fact, Neptune and Pluto can last for two to three years! Consider their effects, plan accordingly, and make them part of your life for the better.

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