The next Aquarius will start in 48 days (Saturday, 20 January, 2024, 19:25 UTC)

The Moon moves to Aquarius in 12 days (Friday, 15 December, 2023, 19:25 UTC)

Mercury moves to Aquarius in 64 days (Monday, 05 February, 2024, 19:25 UTC)

Venus moves to Aquarius in 75 days (Friday, 16 February, 2024, 19:25 UTC)

Mars moves to Aquarius in 72 days (Tuesday, 13 February, 2024, 19:25 UTC)

Pluto moves to Aquarius in 49 days (Sunday, 21 January, 2024, 19:25 UTC)

There are no planets in Aquarius at this time.

Aquarius Report

"Aquarius, Get Ready to Juggle Planets: It's 'Einstein Meets Cirque du Soleil' in Your Chart This Month!"

The next Aquarius will start in 62 days, at Sunday, 21 January, 2024

The moon is currently in Aquarius

Mercury moves to Aquarius in 77 days, at Monday, 05 February, 2024

Venus moves to Aquarius in 89 days, at Saturday, 17 February, 2024

Mars moves to Aquarius in 85 days, at Tuesday, 13 February, 2024

Pluto moves to Aquarius in 62 days, at Sunday, 21 January, 2024

The First Quarter moon is currently 7.3 days old. The next new moon is at 23:32:07, 12 Dec 2023. The next full moon is at 0:33:43, 27 Dec 2023.

Greetings, my dear Aquarius, It's your time to beam like a UFO in the night sky, now that our celestial next-door neighbor, the moon, has decided to vacation in your sign. It's making itself comfy at 7.3 days old. No midlife crisis for this moon just yet! Much like Scully's perpetual skepticism, you may be feeling a tug between your head and your heart. But remember, my water-bearing friend, even the most rational FBI agent succumbs to the supernatural on occasion (or every episode). So, let go of overthinking and let the cosmic energies guide you towards your truth. In true Mulder fashion, you might find yourself drawn to mysteries, conspiracies, or maybe just a good, old-fashioned Netflix binge of The X Files. Hey, who am I to judge? Under this First Quarter moon, it's the perfect moment to evaluate what you've been working on since the New Moon. Are you on track or have you gone down a rabbit hole? If it's the latter, don't worry - there's always a way out. Just remember not to get too lost in your own Area 51! Remember, Aquarius, the truth is out there, but it's also in you. Embrace your unique vision. Your quirks are not your weakness, they're your strength - much like Mulder's relentless pursuit of the truth, no matter how many times he's laughed out of the room. So strap on your space boots, fellow star traveler. It's time to explore the uncharted territories of the universe and your heart. And remember, keep watching the skies... Who knows, you might spot Mulder's lost sister. #MooninAquarius #FirstQuarterMoon #AquariusSeason #XFilesAstrology #MulderIt'sMe


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