We are currently in the sign of Gemini

The next Gemini will start in 342 days (Wednesday, 21 May, 2025, 11:52 UTC)

The Moon moves to Gemini in 20 days (Wednesday, 03 July, 2024, 11:52 UTC)

Mercury is currently in Gemini

Mercury moves to Gemini in 347 days (Monday, 26 May, 2025, 11:52 UTC)

Venus is currently in Gemini

Mars moves to Gemini in 38 days (Sunday, 21 July, 2024, 11:52 UTC)

Jupiter is currently in Gemini

 The Sun

The Sun In Gemini

Our minds and mouths move a mile a minute once the Sun enters curious and conversational Gemini!

The Gemini Sun inspires our curiosity about the people and places around us, and opens our minds to new perspectives and possibilities. It allows us to detach from our emotions and expectations long enough to see the reality of what’s happening in and around us.

Gemini is a sign of the mind, and lives to absorb as much information as possible. Through thinking, reading, speaking, writing, learning, and teaching, the Sun’s transit through Gemini empowers us to expand our knowledge and our understanding of our place in the world.

The Sun’s transit through Gemini is a fun and lighthearted time to meet new people, explore new ideas, and learn new things! Gemini is far too mentally active to sit still doing just one thing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself multi-tasking more than usual while the Sun is in Gemini, and don’t be too hard on yourself when only half of those things get done.

We thirst for knowledge while the Sun is in Gemini, so make a trip to the library, attend a lecture, or catch a foreign-language film to satisfy your mind during this transit. You can also learn something new by meeting new people, so get out there! Accept every invitation you get and meet as many new people as you can.

The Sun in Gemini empowers our minds, sometimes pushing us to think and analyze so much that we reach a point of anxiety. If this happens, try a relaxing activity that will get you out of your head, such as yoga, meditation, or just watching silly TV programs. Gemini is all about having fun, meeting people, and learning new perspectives, so get out there and absorb all the world has to offer!


Mercury In Gemini

Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, has two home signs: Gemini and Virgo. When this planet sets up camp in Gemini, a cosmic door is being swung open, helping us become more clear-headed, objective, and mentally flexible. This is a time when we're encouraged to take in a huge breath of fresh Gemini air, and let curiosity teach our minds how to be young again.

Mercury is all about facts and ideas, and ways to communicate that information. Gemini is an Air sign associated with cool detachment and reason. Because of this, Mercury's time in Gemini becomes the ultimate channel for information to flow through. When this power duo gets together, thoughts rush through us at warp speed.


Venus In Gemini

When sweet Venus enters fun and flighty Gemini, it’s like someone turned on the lights. We suddenly have greater openness and clarity in what will make us happy. It’s about variety, and experiencing not just one, but many paths to pleasure. Throw a handful of different flavored Pop Rocks into your mouth and you’ll get a taste for what Venus in Gemini is all about: effervescent, ticklish, fun...

Love takes on a more lighthearted, cerebral tone when Venus moves through Gemini. Instead of connecting over deep passions or intense physical attractions, we’re drawn to lovers who thrill our minds. Communicating through long conversations and playful texts keeps us stimulated and interested in learning more. For those dating, this is an amazing time to get to know someone new, and to share stories of your own life. And for those in relationships, Venus in Gemini can help long-time lovers learn something brand new about each other, and reignite the excitement.

Gemini needs variety to stay interested, so relationships that lack energy or have fallen into a rut may not survive this transit. This isn’t a time to commit or profess our undying love, it’s about enjoying all the opportunities available to us. Have fun, flirt, and be playful. When we put aside our self-made rules about what we like and don’t like, we open ourselves to new experiences and levels of happiness.

In terms of money, Venus in Gemini encourages you to spend on things that will enrich your brain and energize your spirit. Things like books, games, or gadgets. If you’re in the market for a bigger ticket item, a new phone or laptop can help you communicate better and connect you with the rest of the world.

The key to Venus in Gemini is this: It’s not about testing, it’s about tasting. It’s about experiencing a variety of flavors, exploring fresh ideas, and realizing that life and love are as exciting as you make them.


Jupiter In Gemini

Jupiter pushes us to think deeply, encouraging our minds to grow and expand, and Gemini is the sign of thought and communication. At first, it seems that these two energies would go hand in hand, but this transit can often leave us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Gemini, hungry for new information, asks "What is this?" while Jupiter simultaneously asks, "What does this mean?" This transit fills us with endless curiosity, giving us an opportunity to learn and develop our thought process.

Jupiter in Gemini is a time to point our mind’s eye in another direction, as Gemini is more diverse than any other sign. We are given an unlimited palette of ideas and possibilities from which to view or experience life. Our angles of perception begin to multiply, expanding our minds and increasing our options. For instance, if we hit a crossroad during this transit, we won’t see one split path, we’ll see a tangle of paths, shortcuts, bridges, and underground passageways.

Airy Gemini is the zodiac sign known for being chatty, which means we’ll experience some truly wonderful communication during this time. People will be more open to hearing each other’s ideas, and everyone will have a better sense of humor and a generally more happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Yes, we’ll be talking a lot, but it won’t just be all talk -- we can accomplish a lot during this transit, too!

While Jupiter is in Gemini, we can expect to be very, very busy. We’ll want to read things, absorb things, learn things, and talk about it all. We’ll find ourselves coming up with more new and brilliant ideas than ever, so many, in fact, that it will require a great deal of juggling to pursue them all.

Jupiter in Gemini is a rare opportunity for clear understanding. This is a chance to open your mind to other alternatives. Whether this be about important life choices or where to eat for dinner, you’ll feel the floodgate of options become unhinged. It’s important during Jupiter’s transit through Gemini to embrace mental flexibility. We’ll all be happiest when we can find a middle ground between certainty and fleeting thoughts.


Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between May 21 and June 21. Gemini is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux.

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