Venus is currently in Aries located at 25 Ari 03' 38"

Planetary Aspects

(out 5 Days)

Venus is Square Pluto

   Starts on Sunday, 28 April, 2024

Upcoming Retrogrades

PlanetStationary (retrograde)Stationary (direct)In Sign
venus2025-03-02 00:37:00 UTC2025-04-13 01:03:00 UTCAries

Sign Changes

Venus moves to
Aries today.

Venus moves to
Taurus in 4 days.

Venus moves to
Gemini in 28 days, 9 hours.

Venus is moving from Pisces to Aries

"Venus Ditches Pisces for Aries: A Stellar Break-Up to Ignite Your Fiery Passions!"

Venus is moving from Aquarius to Pisces

"Venus Ditches Aquarius's Futuristic Condo for Pisces's Beachfront Bungalow: 'Beaming Up' Takes on a Whole New Meaning!"

Venus is moving from Capricorn to Aquarius

"Venus Pulls a Houdini: Ditching Capricorn's Mountain Shack to Crash Aquarius's Futuristic Pad!"

Venus is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn

"Venus Swaps Her Sagittarius Party Hat for Capricorn's Spreadsheet: Get Ready for Some Serious Cosmic Accounting!"

Venus is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn

"Venus Ditches the Sagittarius Party for a Capricorn Work Conference: Expect Less Wild Dancing and More Spreadsheets!"

Venus is moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius

"Shift, Venus does! From Scorpio's shadows to Sagittarian light, she gallops. Hold onto your horoscopes, you must!"

Venus is moving from Libra to Scorpio

"Venus Makes a Jailbreak from Libra, Swaps Balance for Stinger in Scorpio - It's Not Personal, It's Astrological!"

Venus is moving from Virgo to Libra

"Venus Ditches Hermit-like Virgo, Plans Swanky Soiree in Libra: Galactic Fashion Police on High Alert!"

Venus is moving from Leo to Virgo

"Venus Swipes Left on Leo, Right on Virgo: A Cosmic Dating Saga!"

Venus is moving from Cancer to Leo

"Venus Ditches Its Crabby Shell, Roars into Leo: Time to Unleash Your Inner Galactic Lion, Baby!"