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14 May, 2024

The Sun

Solar activity was at high levels. Region 3664 (S19W87, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) began its transit of the western limb. The region produced a long-duration M6.6 (R2/Moderate) flare at 13/0944 UTC. Associated with the event were Type II (est. 683 km/s) and Type IV radio sweeps as well as a 1,200 sfu Tenflare. This event resulted in an asymmetric halo CME with a southwesterly bias, first seen in SOHO C2 coronagraph imagery beginning at approximately 13/0912 UTC. While a majority of the bulk material is expected to miss well ahead of Earths orbit, shock arrival followed by possible glancing effects can not be ruled out for 14-15 May as this particular CME is relatively fast and expansive.

The solar kp index is quiet, with no changes to retrograde effects. The solar wind speed is high, making retrograde effects significantly increased!

Solar wind parameters were indicative of weakening CME influences from all the preceding transients. Total field decreased to 5 nT, and the Bz component was mostly northward during the later half of the period. Solar wind speeds decreased from near 800 km/s to just under 600 km/s by the end of the period. Phi became negative at approximately 13/1500 UTC.

There is a 15% chance of solar activity, with a 25% chance of a minor event, a 40% chance of a moderate event, and a 15% chance of a strong event.

The Moon

The waxing moon is currently in Leo, at 10 degrees, 13' 15", at a velocity of 12.31 degrees per day.

The First Quarter moon is currently 6.3 days old. It is 398708.34 km from the centre of the Earth.

The next new moon is at 12:40:02, 6 Jun, 2024. The next full moon is at 1:10:32, 22 Jun, 2024.

Planetary Information


The Sun

The Sun is in Taurus

The Sun is at 23 Tau 57' 09", and is 151198650km away and receding.


The Moon

The Moon is in Leo

The Moon is at 10 Leo 13' 15", and is 397101km away and receding.

Moon Is In Leo

Greetings, fellow celestial investigators! Now, don't panic, but there's been a bit of a ruckus in the cosmic neighborhood. Our dear friend, the Moon, has wandered into the fiery realm of Leo, and oh boy, is it throwing a celestial soiree! At a distance of a mere 405,523.841723190km (but who's counting?), the Moon in Leo is like that eccentric uncle at your family gatherings. You know the one - he wears sequined waistcoats, struts around like he owns the place, and tells the funniest, albeit slightly inappropriate, jokes. Yes, that's our Moon in Leo, full of confidence, charisma, and a dash of drama. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Prof, what does this mean for me?" Well, dear stargazer, it means that you might find yourself feeling a little more...shall we say, flamboyant? A bit more ready to take center stage in your own life. Maybe you'll finally wear that funky hat you bought on a whim or dare to tell that joke you've been practicing in front of the mirror. Go ahead, the universe is your audience! But remember, dear ones, the Moon won't stay in this theatrical realm forever. In fact, in the next 24 hours, it's packing its bags and moving into the more practical and meticulous abode of Virgo. So, enjoy the limelight while it lasts, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get down to business soon. And if your boss asks why you're wearing a feather boa to the Zoom meeting, just tell them that the Moon made you do it. After all, who are we to argue with the cosmos? Happy stargazing!



Mercury is in Aries

Mercury is prograde at 28 Ari 14' 51", moving at 1.18 degrees per day, and is 134482118km away and receding.

Mercury Is In Aries

Mercury in Aries: Cosmic Red Bull

Listen up, star gazers! Mercury, that swift-footed messenger of the gods, is doing its retrograde samba in Aries, the cosmic Rambo. Now, if you're thinking this means your Wi-Fi will start acting like a sulky teenager, or your GPS will guide you to the North Pole instead of Home Depot, take a deep breath. It's not that kind of retrograde. This is more like an intellectual Red Bull, so buckle up!

Aries waits for no one, not even for its morning coffee. So, when Mercury parks its celestial posterior in this sign, we're talking about a mental sprint, not a leisurely stroll through the park. You'll find your brain refusing to linger on last week's crossword puzzle and instead, charging ahead like a caffeinated racehorse. But be warned! This isn't the time for slow-mo replays, folks.

Got something to say? Well, with Mercury in Aries, you'll be serving unfiltered truth tea whether people ordered it or not! This transit is like cosmic courage juice, so expect to blurt out everything, from your love for 80s disco to your not-so-secret opinion about your neighbor's yard gnomes. But beware, my friends - this verbal diarrhea comes with a price. Remember, diplomacy is not an alien concept. Use it when needed!

But hey, it's not all challenging. Mercury in Aries is like a brainstorming session on steroids. You're likely to have more lightbulb moments than Thomas Edison. But here's the catch - these nuggets of wisdom are like shooting stars: Blink and you miss 'em! So grab them before they vanish into the ether of forgotten thoughts.

In a nutshell, Mercury in Aries is like a blend of Sherlock's brain, Speedy Gonzales' speed and a dash of Hulk's tact. Strap in, folks. It's going to be a wild ride!



Venus is in Taurus

Venus is prograde at 18 Tau 12' 19", moving at 1.23 degrees per day, and is 257564238km away and receding.

Venus Is In Taurus

Greetings, stardust siblings! Delenn, your quirky cosmic guide here, and I have some groovy news for you all - Venus has parked its celestial tush in Taurus, and boy, is it making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! So, grab your favorite kaleidoscope and let's dive into the cosmic vibes of the next 24 hours before Venus moonwalks into Gemini. First off, did you know that Venus is currently a whopping 169,143,104.474665552 kilometers away from us? That's right, my fellow space cadets, love is coming to us from a galaxy far, far away! But don't fret, because this planetary love fest is all about getting down to earth and finding beauty in the simplest things. As Venus embraces Taurus's chill vibe, we're all feeling a bit like cosmic sloths, which is totally okay, dudes! It's time to slow down, sip on some kombucha, and focus on reconnecting with our loved ones. So, fire up the ol' Netflix, and get ready to binge-watch "Ancient Aliens" with your boo or bestie. In the realm of dating, Venus in Taurus is like a cosmic matchmaker encouraging us to appreciate the finer things in life, seek stability, and commit to something real. Say goodbye to those pesky commitment-phobes, and hello to a more grounded, down-to-earth love connection. *cue the dramatic romantic montage* But beware, my cosmic comrades, for Taurus's stubbornness can be a real party pooper when Venus is in town. It might be harder to compromise, and you could find yourself butting heads with your sweetheart like two bulls in a china shop. Remember to keep an open mind, and maybe invest in some groovy mood lighting to keep things calm. If you're single, Venus in Taurus might make you feel like you're wearing emotional armor thicker than a black hole. But fear not, for even the most stubborn of hearts can learn to bend and sway like a cosmic hula hoop. So, buckle up your asteroid belts and enjoy the ride as Venus in Taurus sprinkles some down-to-earth love magic into our lives before it zips off into the charming realm of Gemini. Peace, love, and cosmic vibes, my friends! Namaste!



Mars is in Aries

Mars is prograde at 10 Ari 26' 58", moving at 0.76 degrees per day, and is 288213572km away and approaching.



Jupiter is in Taurus

Jupiter is prograde at 27 Tau 14' 26", moving at 0.24 degrees per day, and is 901070787km away and receding.

Jupiter Is In Taurus

Hey there, cosmic wanderer! Let's chat about Jupiter in Taurus, shall we? Now, I know you're thinking "Jupiter in Taurus, that's only a mere 872208998.624596596km away!" and yes, you'd be right. Don't worry, though - it's not like we need to hop on the Millennium Falcon and jet off to check it out (though that would be a pretty nifty field trip). Ah, Jupiter, our big gassy friend of the cosmos, currently twirling around in a prograde motion (that's astro-nerd talk for moving in the same direction as the stars). It's literally bringing wisdom to the bull-headed Taurus. So, imagine, if you will, Yoda riding a bull. That’s the kind of energy we're dealing with here. Remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." Well, replace "The Force" with "spirituality," and you'll get the gist of what Jupiter in Taurus is about. It's like having your own personal Jedi training, encouraging you to use your inner wisdom to tackle those long-standing dreams. You'll find yourself making to-do lists like you're planning the ultimate rebel attack and methodically conquering each task. Trust me, Luke Skywalker didn't blow up the Death Star overnight. Now, let's talk about Galactic Credits, or as you Earthlings call it, money. With Jupiter in Taurus, it's like having Lando Calrissian, the smoothest dude in the galaxy, guiding your financial decisions. You've got Jupiter's good luck and Taurus' knack for wealth accumulation working together like Han and Chewie in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. But beware, young Padawan! Taurus is a bit of a Jabba the Hutt when it comes to indulgence, and Jupiter can inflate that tendency like a puffer pig. Don't let your wants warp into needs faster than the Kessel Run. So strap in, grab your astrological blaster, and prepare for a cosmic adventure, because with Jupiter in Taurus, it's going to be like a hyperdrive journey through a galaxy of wisdom, patience, and prosperity. May the Force be with you!



Saturn is in Pisces

Saturn is prograde at 17 Pis 41' 40", moving at 0.07 degrees per day, and is 1505215970km away and approaching.

Saturn Is In Pisces

Beam Me Up, Saturn!

Okay, folks, strap in and put your space helmets on, because Saturn is hovering in Pisces. It's like the universe's version of a grumpy grandpa visiting a psychedelic fish tank. It's not just about getting starry-eyed over the nebulae though, no, Saturn is doing some cosmic housekeeping at a whopping 1,576,278,394.181507826km away. And yes, you guessed right! The old fella's gone prograde on us. We’re talking full-on forward motion.

Now, when Saturn, our celestial taskmaster, meets Pisces, the dreamy, artsy guru of the zodiac, it's like Spock meeting a Vulcan mind-meld with Picasso. It’s time to take those daydreams of yours, you know the ones where you're writing a bestselling novel or running a successful business, and give them a Vulcan salute.

This cosmic combo is here to ensure that your dreams don't just end up as beautiful supernovae in the cosmos of your mind. They want you to get off your asteroid and make things happen. You might need to draft a business plan, draw up a budget, or beam yourself up to the bank for a loan.

Now, I won’t lie to you, Saturn in Pisces isn't always a leisurely cruise on the USS Enterprise. Saturn might be the unwelcome guest who questions your most cherished dreams, but remember, the Captain doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Instead of putting up shields and firing photon torpedoes, why not let Saturn in and listen to what it has to say? After all, this cosmic old-timer has seen more than a few star systems in its day.

With Saturn in Pisces, you might find yourself feeling like you've been beamed up to the sleepless realms of insomnia. Your usual 8-hour stasis chamber sleep might seem as elusive as a Romulan cloaking device. But fear not, my starfleet! This is the perfect time to cultivate some much-needed inner peace. Meditate, take a stroll through your local holodeck forest, or simply breathe like you’re on a vacation in the oxygen-rich atmosphere of an unexplored M-class planet.

Remember, this cosmic event is all about listening to the wisdom that the universe has to offer. So, put your tr



Uranus is in Taurus

Uranus is prograde at 23 Tau 09' 16", moving at 0.06 degrees per day, and is 3082069358km away and approaching.

Uranus Is In Taurus

Alrighty, folks! Strap in and hang on to your space helmets because the cosmic roller coaster is about to take off. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "What's this nerdy astrologer rambling about?" Well, let me tell you - Uranus is in Taurus, which is like blending a stubborn bull with a chaotic disco ball. Intriguing, isn't it? Now, let's start with the basics. Uranus is currently about 3054535215.476837635km away, doing its little prograde dance in the sky. That might sound far, but in the grand scheme of things, it's practically our cosmic neighbor. So, what does this mean for us? Brace yourself for some astronomical humor because it's going to be a "Uranus-shaking" experience! Taurus - they're the ones who love their comfort zone, aren't they? They'd rather binge-watch an entire series than risk missing an episode due to power failure. But here comes Uranus, the celestial equivalent of a power surge, ready to disrupt that marathon. The old ways of doing things are going out the window. It's time to adapt and evolve, my friends. It's like when they introduced the microwave - you might have been skeptical at first, but now you can't imagine life without it. But hold on to your telescopes, because it gets juicier. Taurus is all about the moolah. So, with Uranus entering the scene, we're looking at a complete makeover of our financial landscape. Imagine waking up one day and finding out that bitcoins are the new quarters. Banks may be reshaped, stock markets might jitterbug, and your piggy bank could become a thing of the past. On the personal front, Uranus in Taurus is like a cosmic Marie Kondo, urging us to declutter our financial and material lives. Debt, taxes, credit card interests - all these can feel like black holes sucking up your happiness particles. But now's the time to break free. It's like switching from a rickety old spaceship to a shiny new star cruiser. Resisting won't help because Uranus is here with its liberating energy, ready to beam us up to a life of greater stability. So, there you have it. We're in for a ride that's going to be more thrilling than the last season of Babylon 5. Get ready for some changes, because Uranus in Taurus is about to shake



Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune is prograde at 29 Pis 17' 41", moving at 0.02 degrees per day, and is 4558761296km away and approaching.

Neptune Is In Pisces

Well, well, well, if it isn't Neptune, that big blue ball of mystery, making a grand entrance into Pisces. Now, if you're picturing a huge planet swimming around in a celestial fish tank, you wouldn't be entirely wrong, metaphorically speaking. Most importantly, for those who are not space geeks like yours truly, this means we are entering a time of deep spiritual and emotional introspection. Time to turn on your inner emo-goth playlist, friends. The fusion of Pisces' penchant for feelings and Neptune’s passion for unity is like a cosmic spotlight cutting through a foggy night. It's as if the universe is suddenly saying, "Hey, look at all these pesky differences between us. They're about as important as a single speck of dust on a supernova. So, let's just get along, yeah?" This cosmic alignment is like a celestial group therapy session, encouraging us to think about what we can bring to the table for our collective progress. And no, your famous guacamole recipe doesn't count. We're talking bigger picture here. What are your unique gifts, ideas, and dreams? It's time to unleash them and explore your emotional intelligence. Now, I'm not saying you should start a cult or anything, but this would be an excellent time to delve deeper into spiritual paths that resonate with you. Perhaps you could create a sacred space at home, something more than just your cherished spot on the couch. Fiddle around with some incense, light a few candles, whip out those old yoga mats. Neptune in Pisces is an open invitation to connect with what feels most sacred and share these experiences with the world. So, put on your best hippie attire, embrace your inner nerd, and remember: the universe has got your back. Or more accurately, it's got your entire existence. But hey, who's counting kilometers?



Pluto is in Aquarius

Pluto is retrograde at 02 Aqu 04' 23", moving backwards at 0.01 degrees per day, and is 5179790313km away and approaching.

Pluto Is In Aquarius

Pluto In Aquarius: The Ultimate Cosmic Face-Off

Picture this: Pluto, the wee 'planet' (we're still salty about that downgrade, aren't we?) with a heart-shaped surface feature, is hanging out in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. Now, before you start picturing Pluto getting a nice splash from Aquarius' jug, remember, Aquarius is an air sign. So, no, Pluto is not getting a much-needed bath.

Pluto, the celestial equivalent of that one intense friend who always insists on deep, existential conversations at 2 AM, is all about transformation. And not just the "Oh, I think I'll cut bangs" kind, but the "I'm going to reevaluate my entire life, quit my job, and move to a Tibetan monastery" kind. Pluto doesn't do things by halves, folks.

Meanwhile, Aquarius is the sign of progress, innovation, and the odd science experiment gone wrong (or right, depending on your perspective). When these two get together, it's like a sci-fi movie plot: expect the unexpected, and then multiply it by ten.

We're talking radical shifts in science, technology, and even space travel. Who knows, maybe teleportation will finally be a thing during this transit? A girl can dream! But it's not just about cool gadgets and warp speed; it's also about humanity. This transit could see us becoming more compassionate, more empathetic, and more inclined to work together for the betterment of all.

On a personal level, Pluto in Aquarius is the cosmic kick in the pants we need to change how we view ourselves and our place in the world. Instead of being self-focused, it's time to think about what's best for all. Basically, it's about becoming more like Mr. Spock and less like Sheldon Cooper.

So, are you ready for this cosmic shake-up? Because like it or not, Pluto in Aquarius is here, and it's about to make things a whole lot more interesting!

Current Planetary Aspects

Current Chart
Sun23 Tau 57' 09"
Moon10 Leo 13' 15"
Mercury28 Ari 14' 51"
Venus18 Tau 12' 19"
Mars10 Ari 26' 58"
Jupiter27 Tau 14' 26"
Saturn17 Pis 41' 40"
Uranus23 Tau 09' 16"
Neptune29 Pis 17' 41"
Pluto02 Aqu 04' 23" R

Current Planetary Positions


The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

You should be feeling very well and alive today. This aspect gives generosity, vitality, and a desire to express and expand. Now is the time to broaden your horizons. You really like people today and have warm-hearted feelings about them. And they feel the same towards you. Consider new ideas and seek to widen your experiences. Guard against pride, over-optimism, self-indulgence and trying to take on too much.


The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Uranus

You may feel like a rebel or an oddball today. This transit can sometimes bring strange behavior. Now is not the time to make serious, long-lasting decisions. Wait a while, then reconsider. There is a desire to break out of your rut and do something really weird or different. Stay in control. Watch your impulsiveness and look for surprises.It is natural for those born under the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect to question tradition. These are individualists. They naturally rebel against that which is established. It doesn’t mean that they consistently break all the rules, but they definitely do question some of the rules, especially those that simply don’t make much sense to them. These people have a huge distaste for routine. They work best when they have some say as to when and how they get things done.Sun conjunct Uranus people possess much self-integrity. They prefer to answer to no one except themselves. They avoid labeling people and are most offended when others attempt to label or stereotype them. Although progressive, they can be maddeningly stubborn at times. They do enjoy a certain level of excitement in their lives, and they do accept change as exciting, and they do appear to be quite open-minded–yet on a personal level, they can stubbornly stick to their ideas and they will resent anyone who tries to push them into doing something they really don’t want to do.The Sun, as the ego, meets Uranus, the reformer. The result is a person whose identity rides strongly on being unique. Compare them to someone else, and these apparently open-minded, freedom-loving people can quickly turn livid. This is when these “free spirits” redefine the word temperamental. There, you’ve done it–you’ve found their weak spot. If you place them in a class of their own, on the other hand, they’re happy as can be.These people are inventive, creative, and spirited. They perhaps appear more flexible than they are. On paper, at least, they are open-minded. If things get too personal, however, they can be difficult to deal with. This is largely due to the fact that they cling very tightly to their personal space and their personal sense of freedom. Anything that seems to threaten their individuality pulls up resistance in these people. Sun conjunct Uranus people are refreshingly honest, highly independent, intuitive, and somewhat erratic or inconsistent. They are often described as quirky, and they are nothing if not interesting.Some Famous People with Sun Conjunct Uranus: Willem Dafoe, Walt Disney, Anjelica Huston, Meredith Baxter, Sigmund Freud, Donald Trump, Meryl Streep, Clara Barton, Ram Dass, Roy Orbison.



Venus Sextile Saturn

You may develop ideas for organizing business, financial, or personal affairs under this transit. You will feel reserved, controlled, and disciplined in any endeavor relating to relationship, beauty, art or music. This is a good time to start a new partnership, perhaps with someone older. Public relations and legal work should go smoothly.People with harmonious aspects between Venus and Saturn in their birth charts have a good sense of what is expected of them in personal relationships, and quite naturally do right by others. Cautious in love, they are careful of what they give out or promise to give, as they generally feel obligated to follow through. They don’t take connections with others lightly, and are more attracted to long-term, committed partnerships than more casual relationships. They usually don’t expect too much from others, and take relationship problems in stride, intuitively understanding that there’s always some bad with any good. It’s not easy to sweep them off their feet, they’re unlikely to lavish affection on someone unless they’re certain that person will return the favor, and they are not risk takers with their hearts. A similar attitude towards money is common as well–they are generally practical and cautious in this department.You have a knack for handling pressures, stresses, and challenges of relationships–you take relationship problems in stride, knowing fully well that they are part of life. You take the bad with the good. You can be like a Rock of Gibraltar with a person you love. You tend to learn from the mistakes you make in relationships, and you don’t run away when a problem presents itself. You know how to make something last, and your ideal partner appreciates this fact. Loyalty, fidelity, and security are very important to you in love. You are cautious about giving your heart away but true to the one who does win your love. Your tastes are simple, even austere, and you do not appreciate frivolity. You are interested in a person’s character and inner qualities far more than their appearance. Casual or superficial relationships don’t interest you at all, for love seems to get deeper and richer and more satisfying for you with time. Your sense of duty makes you a stable factor in difficult situations. Faithful completion of your duties brings spiritual contentment into your life, and you take great pride in relationships that withstand the test of time. — Interpretation from our LoveStyles report.The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Venus and Saturn have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.Alternate, short interpretation: Venus sextile Saturn or Venus trine Saturn: #Your sense of duty makes you a stable factor in difficult situations. Faithful completion of your accepted duties brings spiritual contentment into your life. From the Your Spiritual Path report.Some Famous People with Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn: Sextiles – Tony Banks, Pat Boone, Pearl Buck, Agatha Christie, Bill Cosby, Sigmund Freud, Grace Princess of Monaco, Wayne Gretzky, Monty Hall, Katie Holmes. Trines – Lucille Ball, Harry Belafonte, David Bowie, Albert Camus, Drew Carey, Crystal Gayle, Arsenio Hall, Patty Hearst, Bette Midler, Arnold Palmer, Sean Penn, John Travolta.



Jupiter Sextile Neptune

You have religious, spiritual, imaginative, and intuitive inspiration at this time. Feelings of mystical contact and Oneness with the Universe give you the desire to expand your consciousness. You have greater understanding, generosity, and empathy towards others. You may seek to share your good fortune with those less fortunate. Money can come to you suddenly as a result of past good deeds. You may be able to tap your subconscious mind for valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Notes about Transits

Mars is all about action, and where Mars is in our chart with transits is a place where we are prepared to stand our ground. Mars transits can be really productive, but they can also be angsty, aggressive, and sometimes come from a place of anger. It's important to pay attention to how you direct that energy. Mars transits can last for up to a couple weeks.
Jupiter transits enhance your life with optimism and forward-thinking, and lasting for about a month, give you plenty of time to take advantage. Bigger and better is Jupiter's way of thinking, and should be yours as well.
Saturn transits, on the other hand, are where we get a major reality check, and if we’re not ready for them, they can be pretty rotten. Of course, if we’re prepared and up to the task, Saturn transits can also bring very well-deserved rewards, too. Saturn transits last a bit longer than Jupiter transits—usually 2 months or so at a time, but with retrograde cycles, you could be looking at the same lessons three times over a 6 month period.
The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto last for such a long time that they make long-lasting impacts on our lives. In fact, Neptune and Pluto can last for two to three years! Consider their effects, plan accordingly, and make them part of your life for the better.

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