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23 May, 2024

The Sun

Solar activity was moderate with several M-class (R1; Minor) flares. Background X-ray flux was at C-class levels and six designated sunspot groups were present on the visible solar disk. The most notable development was areal growth in Region 3679 (S09W59, Ekc/ beta-gamma-delta) and the emergence of mixed polarity umbrae within penumbrae, and also areas of tightened magnetic shear. Not surprisingly, the regions activity increased from yesterday, as it produced two M-class flares - an M1.5/Sn at 22/0313 UTC and an M1.2/Sf at 22/1405 UTC. Region 3683 (S23, L=241) rotated beyond the limb, but still managed an M2.3 flare at 22/0404 UTC. Region 3684 (S06W32, Cao/beta-gamma) underwent decay in its trailer spots, but a few weak mixed polarity spots developed. Region 3685 (S13W09, Ehc/beta-gamma) had decay in some leader spots, but minor growth in trailer spots - overall, the region changed little. A new area of potential spot emergence was noted at approximately N20W38, but we are awaiting duration requirements before designation. A few narrow CMEs were observed in available coronagraph imagery but analysis and modeling suggest Earth-directed components are unlikely.

The solar kp index is quiet, with no changes to retrograde effects. The solar wind speed is currently above average, making retrograde effects moderately increased.

Solar wind parameters were indicative of a mildly disturbed regime, with a slightly enhanced IMF strength that was primarily 6-8 nT, with a peak of 9 nT and the Bz component was predominantly northward. Solar wind speed varied between 326-428 km/s. The phi angle was primarily positive.

There is a 25% chance of solar activity, with a 1% chance of a minor event, a 1% chance of a moderate event, and a 1% chance of a strong event.

The Moon

The waxing moon is currently in Scorpio, at 28 degrees, 54' 06", at a velocity of 12.73 degrees per day.

The Full moon is currently 14.5 days old. It is 393097.14 km from the centre of the Earth.

The next new moon is at 12:40:02, 6 Jun, 2024. The next full moon is at 1:10:32, 22 Jun, 2024.

Planetary Information


The Sun

The Sun is in Gemini

The Sun is at 02 Gem 37' 03", and is 151466332km away and receding.


The Moon

The Moon is in Scorpio

The Moon will change from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the next 24 hours.

The Moon is at 28 Sco 54' 06", and is 391786km away and approaching.

Moon Is In Scorpio

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts because the Moon, our celestial night light, is cruising at a cool 396,646.803397483km in the astrological fast lane of Scorpio. Oh yeah, baby! Things are about to get deep, mysterious and a little bit spicy - just like grandma's secret salsa recipe. Now, if you're not familiar with Scorpio, my star-loving friends, just imagine Darth Vader having a jam session with Sherlock Holmes. It's all about power, intellect, and a dash of drama. It's like a cosmic episode of "Game of Thrones" up there and we are all invited to watch it unfold. But don't get too comfy in your moonlit Scorpio saga because, in the next 24 hours, our lunar buddy is packing its bags and hitching a ride to Sagittarius. Yes, indeed! The moon is on the move faster than a politician changing their stance during an election year. So, what does this mean for you? Well, it's like when you switch from a deep, brooding movie to an adventure-filled blockbuster. Expect life to shift from intense emotionality to a desire for exploration, faster than you can say "Beam me up, Scotty!" So, buckle up, buttercups! It's time to ride this cosmic rollercoaster. The universe is playing a high-stakes game and we're all rolling the dice. But remember, no matter where the moon moves or how many kilometers are between us, always keep your sense of humor. After all, laughter is the best cosmic energy boost. And as they say in Star Trek, "Live long and prosper!" Or in our case, "Live weird and wander!" Keep stargazing, folks!



Mercury is in Taurus

Mercury is prograde at 10 Tau 33' 02", moving at 1.55 degrees per day, and is 157497942km away and receding.

Mercury Is In Taurus

Mercury in Taurus: The Nerdy Hippie's Guide to Grounded Communication

Hold on to your crystals, stargazers! Mercury, our favorite cosmic chatterbox, is chillaxing in the down-to-earth sign of Taurus. For those who haven't brushed up on astrology lately (I mean, who doesn't have a planetary cheat sheet, am I right?), Mercury rules the mind and communication, while Taurus is all about being practical and determined. So, what do we get when we blend these celestial energies? A cosmic casserole of stability, planning, and concrete thinking served with a side of groovy vibes and Birkenstocks.

As Mercury cruises through Taurus some 158,693,070.596403837km away (but hey, who's counting?), imagination and wishful thinking are taking a cosmic vacation. Say goodbye to daydreaming about flying unicorns and rainbow galaxies, my friends! It's time to get our heads out of the clouds and onto terra firma. You might even feel an inexplicable urge to alphabetize your record collection or create a spreadsheet for your essential oil inventory. Embrace it!

During this transit, you'll find that wandering conversations are replaced by grounded discussions about things like the merits of composting or the most fuel-efficient way to get to your next yoga retreat. We're given the gift of stability, so take advantage of it! Channel your inner nerd and start planning that sustainable eco-village you've been dreaming about, or finally figure out how to turn your kombucha brewing hobby into a lucrative business.

Keep in mind, though, that Mercury won't be hanging out in Taurus forever. In 24 hours, the cosmic messenger will shimmy its way into Gemini, shaking things up once again. So, enjoy this brief interlude of practicality while it lasts, and use it to create solid foundations for your future. But don't worry, my fellow space cadets - there will be plenty of time for wild imaginings and cosmic adventures once Mercury moves on. Peace, love, and planetary alignments!



Venus is in Taurus

Venus will change from Taurus to Gemini in the next 24 hours.

Venus is prograde at 29 Tau 16' 27", moving at 1.23 degrees per day, and is 258878403km away and receding.

Venus Is In Taurus

Greetings, stardust siblings! Delenn, your quirky cosmic guide here, and I have some groovy news for you all - Venus has parked its celestial tush in Taurus, and boy, is it making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! So, grab your favorite kaleidoscope and let's dive into the cosmic vibes of the next 24 hours before Venus moonwalks into Gemini. First off, did you know that Venus is currently a whopping 169,143,104.474665552 kilometers away from us? That's right, my fellow space cadets, love is coming to us from a galaxy far, far away! But don't fret, because this planetary love fest is all about getting down to earth and finding beauty in the simplest things. As Venus embraces Taurus's chill vibe, we're all feeling a bit like cosmic sloths, which is totally okay, dudes! It's time to slow down, sip on some kombucha, and focus on reconnecting with our loved ones. So, fire up the ol' Netflix, and get ready to binge-watch "Ancient Aliens" with your boo or bestie. In the realm of dating, Venus in Taurus is like a cosmic matchmaker encouraging us to appreciate the finer things in life, seek stability, and commit to something real. Say goodbye to those pesky commitment-phobes, and hello to a more grounded, down-to-earth love connection. *cue the dramatic romantic montage* But beware, my cosmic comrades, for Taurus's stubbornness can be a real party pooper when Venus is in town. It might be harder to compromise, and you could find yourself butting heads with your sweetheart like two bulls in a china shop. Remember to keep an open mind, and maybe invest in some groovy mood lighting to keep things calm. If you're single, Venus in Taurus might make you feel like you're wearing emotional armor thicker than a black hole. But fear not, for even the most stubborn of hearts can learn to bend and sway like a cosmic hula hoop. So, buckle up your asteroid belts and enjoy the ride as Venus in Taurus sprinkles some down-to-earth love magic into our lives before it zips off into the charming realm of Gemini. Peace, love, and cosmic vibes, my friends! Namaste!



Mars is in Aries

Mars is prograde at 17 Ari 17' 34", moving at 0.76 degrees per day, and is 283112242km away and approaching.



Jupiter is in Taurus

Jupiter is prograde at 29 Tau 21' 48", moving at 0.24 degrees per day, and is 901685406km away and approaching.

Jupiter Is In Taurus

Hey there, cosmic wanderer! Let's chat about Jupiter in Taurus, shall we? Now, I know you're thinking "Jupiter in Taurus, that's only a mere 872208998.624596596km away!" and yes, you'd be right. Don't worry, though - it's not like we need to hop on the Millennium Falcon and jet off to check it out (though that would be a pretty nifty field trip). Ah, Jupiter, our big gassy friend of the cosmos, currently twirling around in a prograde motion (that's astro-nerd talk for moving in the same direction as the stars). It's literally bringing wisdom to the bull-headed Taurus. So, imagine, if you will, Yoda riding a bull. That’s the kind of energy we're dealing with here. Remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." Well, replace "The Force" with "spirituality," and you'll get the gist of what Jupiter in Taurus is about. It's like having your own personal Jedi training, encouraging you to use your inner wisdom to tackle those long-standing dreams. You'll find yourself making to-do lists like you're planning the ultimate rebel attack and methodically conquering each task. Trust me, Luke Skywalker didn't blow up the Death Star overnight. Now, let's talk about Galactic Credits, or as you Earthlings call it, money. With Jupiter in Taurus, it's like having Lando Calrissian, the smoothest dude in the galaxy, guiding your financial decisions. You've got Jupiter's good luck and Taurus' knack for wealth accumulation working together like Han and Chewie in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. But beware, young Padawan! Taurus is a bit of a Jabba the Hutt when it comes to indulgence, and Jupiter can inflate that tendency like a puffer pig. Don't let your wants warp into needs faster than the Kessel Run. So strap in, grab your astrological blaster, and prepare for a cosmic adventure, because with Jupiter in Taurus, it's going to be like a hyperdrive journey through a galaxy of wisdom, patience, and prosperity. May the Force be with you!



Saturn is in Pisces

Saturn is prograde at 18 Pis 17' 01", moving at 0.06 degrees per day, and is 1484121985km away and approaching.

Saturn Is In Pisces

Beam Me Up, Saturn!

Okay, folks, strap in and put your space helmets on, because Saturn is hovering in Pisces. It's like the universe's version of a grumpy grandpa visiting a psychedelic fish tank. It's not just about getting starry-eyed over the nebulae though, no, Saturn is doing some cosmic housekeeping at a whopping 1,576,278,394.181507826km away. And yes, you guessed right! The old fella's gone prograde on us. We’re talking full-on forward motion.

Now, when Saturn, our celestial taskmaster, meets Pisces, the dreamy, artsy guru of the zodiac, it's like Spock meeting a Vulcan mind-meld with Picasso. It’s time to take those daydreams of yours, you know the ones where you're writing a bestselling novel or running a successful business, and give them a Vulcan salute.

This cosmic combo is here to ensure that your dreams don't just end up as beautiful supernovae in the cosmos of your mind. They want you to get off your asteroid and make things happen. You might need to draft a business plan, draw up a budget, or beam yourself up to the bank for a loan.

Now, I won’t lie to you, Saturn in Pisces isn't always a leisurely cruise on the USS Enterprise. Saturn might be the unwelcome guest who questions your most cherished dreams, but remember, the Captain doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Instead of putting up shields and firing photon torpedoes, why not let Saturn in and listen to what it has to say? After all, this cosmic old-timer has seen more than a few star systems in its day.

With Saturn in Pisces, you might find yourself feeling like you've been beamed up to the sleepless realms of insomnia. Your usual 8-hour stasis chamber sleep might seem as elusive as a Romulan cloaking device. But fear not, my starfleet! This is the perfect time to cultivate some much-needed inner peace. Meditate, take a stroll through your local holodeck forest, or simply breathe like you’re on a vacation in the oxygen-rich atmosphere of an unexplored M-class planet.

Remember, this cosmic event is all about listening to the wisdom that the universe has to offer. So, put your tr



Uranus is in Taurus

Uranus is prograde at 23 Tau 40' 32", moving at 0.06 degrees per day, and is 3080197153km away and approaching.

Uranus Is In Taurus

Alrighty, folks! Strap in and hang on to your space helmets because the cosmic roller coaster is about to take off. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "What's this nerdy astrologer rambling about?" Well, let me tell you - Uranus is in Taurus, which is like blending a stubborn bull with a chaotic disco ball. Intriguing, isn't it? Now, let's start with the basics. Uranus is currently about 3054535215.476837635km away, doing its little prograde dance in the sky. That might sound far, but in the grand scheme of things, it's practically our cosmic neighbor. So, what does this mean for us? Brace yourself for some astronomical humor because it's going to be a "Uranus-shaking" experience! Taurus - they're the ones who love their comfort zone, aren't they? They'd rather binge-watch an entire series than risk missing an episode due to power failure. But here comes Uranus, the celestial equivalent of a power surge, ready to disrupt that marathon. The old ways of doing things are going out the window. It's time to adapt and evolve, my friends. It's like when they introduced the microwave - you might have been skeptical at first, but now you can't imagine life without it. But hold on to your telescopes, because it gets juicier. Taurus is all about the moolah. So, with Uranus entering the scene, we're looking at a complete makeover of our financial landscape. Imagine waking up one day and finding out that bitcoins are the new quarters. Banks may be reshaped, stock markets might jitterbug, and your piggy bank could become a thing of the past. On the personal front, Uranus in Taurus is like a cosmic Marie Kondo, urging us to declutter our financial and material lives. Debt, taxes, credit card interests - all these can feel like black holes sucking up your happiness particles. But now's the time to break free. It's like switching from a rickety old spaceship to a shiny new star cruiser. Resisting won't help because Uranus is here with its liberating energy, ready to beam us up to a life of greater stability. So, there you have it. We're in for a ride that's going to be more thrilling than the last season of Babylon 5. Get ready for some changes, because Uranus in Taurus is about to shake



Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune is prograde at 29 Pis 30' 04", moving at 0.02 degrees per day, and is 4539416238km away and approaching.

Neptune Is In Pisces

Well, well, well, if it isn't Neptune, that big blue ball of mystery, making a grand entrance into Pisces. Now, if you're picturing a huge planet swimming around in a celestial fish tank, you wouldn't be entirely wrong, metaphorically speaking. Most importantly, for those who are not space geeks like yours truly, this means we are entering a time of deep spiritual and emotional introspection. Time to turn on your inner emo-goth playlist, friends. The fusion of Pisces' penchant for feelings and Neptune’s passion for unity is like a cosmic spotlight cutting through a foggy night. It's as if the universe is suddenly saying, "Hey, look at all these pesky differences between us. They're about as important as a single speck of dust on a supernova. So, let's just get along, yeah?" This cosmic alignment is like a celestial group therapy session, encouraging us to think about what we can bring to the table for our collective progress. And no, your famous guacamole recipe doesn't count. We're talking bigger picture here. What are your unique gifts, ideas, and dreams? It's time to unleash them and explore your emotional intelligence. Now, I'm not saying you should start a cult or anything, but this would be an excellent time to delve deeper into spiritual paths that resonate with you. Perhaps you could create a sacred space at home, something more than just your cherished spot on the couch. Fiddle around with some incense, light a few candles, whip out those old yoga mats. Neptune in Pisces is an open invitation to connect with what feels most sacred and share these experiences with the world. So, put on your best hippie attire, embrace your inner nerd, and remember: the universe has got your back. Or more accurately, it's got your entire existence. But hey, who's counting kilometers?



Pluto is in Aquarius

Pluto is retrograde at 02 Aqu 00' 25", moving backwards at 0.01 degrees per day, and is 5160208759km away and approaching.

Pluto Is In Aquarius

Pluto In Aquarius: The Ultimate Cosmic Face-Off

Picture this: Pluto, the wee 'planet' (we're still salty about that downgrade, aren't we?) with a heart-shaped surface feature, is hanging out in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. Now, before you start picturing Pluto getting a nice splash from Aquarius' jug, remember, Aquarius is an air sign. So, no, Pluto is not getting a much-needed bath.

Pluto, the celestial equivalent of that one intense friend who always insists on deep, existential conversations at 2 AM, is all about transformation. And not just the "Oh, I think I'll cut bangs" kind, but the "I'm going to reevaluate my entire life, quit my job, and move to a Tibetan monastery" kind. Pluto doesn't do things by halves, folks.

Meanwhile, Aquarius is the sign of progress, innovation, and the odd science experiment gone wrong (or right, depending on your perspective). When these two get together, it's like a sci-fi movie plot: expect the unexpected, and then multiply it by ten.

We're talking radical shifts in science, technology, and even space travel. Who knows, maybe teleportation will finally be a thing during this transit? A girl can dream! But it's not just about cool gadgets and warp speed; it's also about humanity. This transit could see us becoming more compassionate, more empathetic, and more inclined to work together for the betterment of all.

On a personal level, Pluto in Aquarius is the cosmic kick in the pants we need to change how we view ourselves and our place in the world. Instead of being self-focused, it's time to think about what's best for all. Basically, it's about becoming more like Mr. Spock and less like Sheldon Cooper.

So, are you ready for this cosmic shake-up? Because like it or not, Pluto in Aquarius is here, and it's about to make things a whole lot more interesting!

Current Planetary Aspects

Current Chart
Sun02 Gem 37' 03"
Moon28 Sco 54' 06"
Mercury10 Tau 33' 02"
Venus29 Tau 16' 27"
Mars17 Ari 17' 34"
Jupiter29 Tau 21' 48"
Saturn18 Pis 17' 01"
Uranus23 Tau 40' 32"
Neptune29 Pis 30' 04"
Pluto02 Aqu 00' 25" R

Current Planetary Positions


The Sun

The Sun

Sun Opposite Moon

You must balance your emotions with your individuality. You may have difficulties today dealing with the opposite sex, authority figures or family members. Ego confrontations over emotional issues are likely to be the cause. Vitality may be low today, so keep stress to a minimum. Try to understand others' points of view before expressing your own. Get in touch with your true feelings. Emotional impulses may interfere with objective and good judgment.People born when the Sun opposes the Moon have an internal struggle between their needs and their wants. In contrast to the Sun-Moon conjunction personality, the Full Moon personality is inclined towards lack of focus and indecision. Their ability to be objective is both an asset and a liability, simply because when they decide on one route, they are pulled in another direction at the same time. Something tugs at them, and they begin to question their stance. “But what if…” and “on the other hand…” are statements they can’t help making and that plague them. While Sun conjunct Moon people have an Aries style about them, Sun opposition Moon natives have a distinct Libra energy about them, in that they are always aware of the opposing point of view, the other side of the coin, and so forth.Their inner struggle is most obvious in their vitality, as both the Sun and the Moon strongly influence the vitality. They have many ups and downs, and it is hard to know if it is physical or emotional. In fact, it’s likely both. These people might spend a week working hard, and the following week they lack motivation and find it hard to accomplish much. Their energy fluctuates more than most people, and it is very much a reflection of what is going on inside.The messages they received in their early lives in terms of what was expected of them were conflicting, and even opposite. Some people born under the Full Moon viewed their parents as two very different and separate individuals who each wanted something very different from their child. Their parents or parent figures “stood for” two very different things, and their child internalized this. There may have been some emotional frustration in connection with the father and a stifling of the go by the mother.It is hard for Sun opposition Moon people to find happiness within themselves. They tend to look outside of themselves for fulfillment. They are inclined to form serious relationships at an early age, simply because of this tendency to try to find an answer to happiness from an “other”. They are prone to divorce, partly because of this prematurity, and partly because their needs are complicated. Full Moon people are also more apt to seek counseling because of this need to find answers.These people appear to be very self-aware. They entertain a myriad of different points of view and perspectives. They are excellent psychologists and are able to read character and uncover motivations–but with an important caveat: if they are too emotionally close to the situation, they fumble. The truth is, although they appear to know much about how people tick, they spend a good part of their lives uncovering more of themselves and learning about themselves. Generally, this is done through comparisons or through the mirror of relationships.They can most certainly frustrate the people who are close to them with their indecisiveness and frequent changes of mind (and of heart). A word to those who deal with this on a day-to-day basis: their changes of heart are not a form of insincerity–they are the result of an internal struggle that is very real and very confusing to live with! Sun opposition Moon people can be temperamental, insecure, and very sensitive. The ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and to consider other points of view, is a true asset. However, at some point in their lives, they need to uncover what it is they truly want. This comes easy to New Moon people, and can be a life-long struggle for Full Moon people. On the other hand, it is extremely easy for a Full Moon personality to understand others’ points of view–something that doesn’t come as easily to a New Moon personality. Sun opposition Moon people are generally interesting and complex. Born under a Full Moon, they can be a bit “loony”, perhaps manifesting itself in a unique sense of humor.Look for a planet that might trine and sextile the Sun-Moon opposition for a way to release the tension the opposition creates. Somehow, some way, through that planet, its sign, and its house position, the Sun opposition Moon person can find an “answer” to the struggle. Look also to the sign polarity involved for more details of the struggle. If it’s Aries and Libra, for example, there is a conflict between two equal drives to be independent and to depend on others.Some Famous People with Sun Opposition Moon: Lisa Bonet (the aspect is exact, or partile), Barry Bonds, Billy Ray Cyprus, Kirk Douglas, Alicia Witt.People born with a Sun-Moon tension can spend much of their lives struggling to balance the principles of the Sun and the Moon within their personalities, and will bring this struggle to some degree into their relationships. The urge to form meaningful relationships is generally powerful, but relationships can be as much of a struggle to these natives as the inner conflict is to themselves. This inner conflict occurs with the square, opposition, and quincunx. The desire to find meaningful relationships is stronger than it is when the natal Sun and Moon form a sextile or trine, and early relationships, in particular, can be challenging until the stressful aspects are recognized as an inner tension.A woman with Sun opposition Moon, who had lived through her parents’ difficult divorce as a child, complained that her husband seemed to be quite complacent about their marriage, simply expecting that it would work out without much effort. His Sun and Moon form a sextile. When faced with a relationship problem, her instinct was to work on it actively, but her husband did not see such a need. In fact, he did not “see” the problems as clearly as his wife did. He felt that she was looking for problems that didn’t exist, while she felt he was taking the relationship for granted by not addressing problems as they arose.A stressful Sun-Moon aspect seems to imprint the native with the (often unconscious) expectation that relationships can very easily fail, and the natives will be especially aware of conflicts in partnership, taking them to heart. The upside of this natal conflict is found in this sensitivity itself! Those with a Sun-Moon opposition, in particular, are generally willing to work out problems in a relationship due to their acute awareness and sensitivity to the conflicts that arise in their partnerships. However, if they face a partner who denies the problems exist in the first place, as in the example above, they can easily become frustrated. This is because learning and growing through relationships is a basic urge – so basic that it is a need. These natives are learning about themselves through their relationships, and need partners who are willing to be a part of that process. Sun square Moon suggests an internal “war” between two equally powerful desires: the desire for emotional commitment and the desire for autonomy. The native can be quite defensive and even belligerent with others, and often over-sensitive, which can take its toll in personal relationships. Partners may complain that the native often seems to be spoiling for a fight, and relationships can be turbulent until the native learns to compromise.

The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Venus

Today is a good day to express yourself through creative and artistic endeavors. You appreciate art and beauty more than usual today. You have a desire to be with people you like. Your natural warmth and friendliness really manifest themselves today. Watch for feelings of extravagance, self-indulgence, and self-love. Do not dissipate yourself in the pursuit of pleasure.The qualities of the planet Venus are aligned with these people’s egos, so that they project the traits of Venus powerfully. Social relationships are extremely important to those with Sun conjunct Venus in the natal chart. They are generally charming people who possess an easy-going manner. It is generally quite important to these people to be personally popular, to come across in a pleasant way, and to be liked and appreciated. Sometimes, vanity is part of the package. Venus is a peace-making, harmony-loving planet, and those with Sun conjunct Venus do their best to seek peace and harmony. If you want things to go smoothly, call upon a Sun conjunct Venus person to restore balance. They are diplomatic and veritable experts at smoothing over (and sometimes glossing over) problems. They are openhanded with others, tolerant and accepting. When expressed negatively, they can be superficial and two-faced, and they can be very much tied up with appearances—their own, and sometimes others’. They might be too agreeable, too pleasant (at the expense of honesty), and downright lazy at times. These people have a fine eye for style and enjoy pleasing surroundings. They generally dress well and enjoy a certain amount of luxury.These people are gracious. They are romantic and sometimes romantically impulsive. They tend to rely on the power of attraction to bring people to them, rather than aggressively pursuing love interests. There is some vanity involved here–they are most attracted to people who express interest in them, or who respond well to their charms! These are not the types of people who overtly pursue people who appear to be indifferent to them–something that Sun-Mars people might do. They are not competitive people in the aggressive sense of the word, and they are not people who love a good chase. Instead, they work their charms and draw people to them. Remember that their ability to attract others (Venus) is very much tied up with their ego (Sun).People with this aspect tend to be quite attractive, pleasing, and charming. Others sense the value people with this aspect tend to place on the feminine.Famous people with Sun conjunct Venus: Jamie Lee Curtis (Sun late Scorpio and Venus early Sagittarius), John Travolta (Sun late Aquarius and Venus early Pisces), Oprah Winfrey (in Aquarius), Leonardo DiCaprio (in Scorpio).

The Sun

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

You should be feeling very well and alive today. This aspect gives generosity, vitality, and a desire to express and expand. Now is the time to broaden your horizons. You really like people today and have warm-hearted feelings about them. And they feel the same towards you. Consider new ideas and seek to widen your experiences. Guard against pride, over-optimism, self-indulgence and trying to take on too much.


The Sun

The Sun

Sun Sextile Neptune

Today will be rewarding if you find the time to express yourself by helping others. Find something artistic through which you can channel your creativity and your soul. Art and music as well as spiritual pursuits are favored today. Try to become one with the Universe today. Creative visualization can be an important means through which your goals are realized. Idealism runs high today.There is an unmistakably dreamy, inspired, and sensitive side to those born with easy aspects between the Sun and Neptune. A marked appreciation for music and the arts is present. The connection of Neptune with the Sun, which represents the ego and the will, certainly softens some of the hard edges that might be found elsewhere in the chart, adding a sensitive and spiritual dimension to the personality. These people are naturally compassionate, especially those born under the trine. It is so completely natural for them to accept that there is more to the world than what is before their eyes, that they tend to presume everyone must be spiritually-inclined. Of course, they come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in their lives. Their attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked. These aspects favor writers, artists, and musicians. These people are sensitive to those who are suffering, although they are not as easily taken advantage of as those with Sun-Moon challenging aspects. They are humanitarian and often have a special connection with animals. If other aspects and positions in the chart support it, these people are not ones to dominate others or assert themselves to the point of brashness.Some Famous People with Sun in Easy Aspect to Neptune: Sextiles – Mick Jagger; Trines – Farrah Fawcett, Billy Corgan, Muhammad Ali

The Sun

The Sun

Sun Trine Pluto

You can make important changes in your life and in yourself today. The force of your will and the perception to see what needs changing combine to give you the ability to do whatever is required. Regeneration is possible in any area of your life. Change that bad habit, eliminate what is unnecessary or outmoded. You have the force with you today. Group activities can be especially rewarding today as you can help make the groups' goals a reality. People in authority are receptive to changes today. Lay that new idea on them.It is easy and natural for those born under a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Pluto to find a passion and pursue it, and to focus on a goal. These people are not much scared of anything. They enjoy and embrace growth, especially of the psychological kind. They love a good mystery, and they are adept at solving it. Many people with these aspects feel they have a “calling” or destiny. They readily assign meaning to what others might consider “ordinary” events. They look for symbols, and read between the lines in most any situation. The physical vitality is generally strong, and the body is usually able to heal quickly.Others tend to respect those born under a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Pluto. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and they are usually quick to help others–not only with mundane tasks, but also on a spiritual or psychological level. Their insight is sharp and sometimes awe-inspiring. These are perceptive people who are not easily rattled or surprised in life. They are not do-gooders, and they are unlikely law-breakers. However, they are not afraid of the “dark side” of human nature, and they will bend the rules from time to time if they feel the need to do so. Many take particular pleasure in growth and life’s lessons. They are not fond of superficiality, and are generally the first to spot pretense of any kind. Some experiment with their powers to deceive at some early point in their lives, but generally grow in their strength and integrity. In fact, many do their best to rid themselves of any self-delusion that we are all susceptible to at times. These people are passionate and can be intense. They have a hunger to experience more than just an “ordinary” life, and they can be quite ambitious. Some are perfectionists, demanding much from themselves and reasonable amounts of effort and honesty from others.The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon the talents of this aspect when necessary, and those with the trine have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.Famous People with Sun in easy aspect to Pluto: Sextiles – Christina Aguilera, Lisa Bonet, Bob Dylan; Trines – Ed Asner, James Caan, Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Susan Dey, Sam Donaldson, Chris Evert, Bette Midler.Note from Annie: I have perhaps used more words to describe Sun-Pluto aspects than I have with other planetary aspects. This is because I grew up with astrology books that offered rather dire and extreme descriptions of the aspects. Because of this, I had problems identifying with the interpretations of my own Sun conjunction Pluto as being “power-hungry”, “dominating”, and “controlling”. Some descriptions suggested an attraction to crime. Except in extreme cases, Sun-Pluto people are not extremists hell-bent on destroying or dominating everyone around them. However, they do need to come to terms with their “dark side”, their intense fears, and their tendency to be very self-protective. A more humane and psychological approach to defining the aspects can be found in many modern astrology books, and I think it is very beneficial, especially since one of the main challenges to overcome with Sun-Pluto is for the rational ruler of light (the Sun) to identify with the energies of the ruler of dark (Pluto). Nobody benefits if descriptions of the aspects are so extreme that they are quickly dismissed as “wrong”.



Venus Conjunct Jupiter

This should be a very harmonious and easy going day for you. Your main objective should be to control overindulging yourself in food and drink or with respect to spending money. You are likely to pamper yourself today. Just don't get carried away.Whether these people are shy or outgoing, law-abiding or reckless, quiet or loud…they possess a very grand idea of love, and they have an indulgent side to them that is unmistakable, and possibly hard to control. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case, it’s enlarging the qualities of Venus: romance, relationship, pleasure, and money. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these things will come easily to natives with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction. But the appetite for pleasure, romance, and, in some cases, material things, is big. Their hearts are big too–most of the time, if given a choice, they’ll opt for the high road. They are generous with people they love (and with themselves!), dangerous with a credit card, and incurable romantics. They tend to assign positive traits to the people they love, whether those people deserve them or not!One of their weak spots is their love of pleasure. Some have a definite lazy streak. They are very affectionate people who are generous with their emotions and, usually, their pocketbook too. When they care about you, they are quite loyal and faithful. Their opinions about love and friendship are strong–they generally have lofty ideals in these areas. Their hearts are open and they have a tendency to want to give a lot to the people they love. They may live beyond their means, especially if the conjunction is challenged by other planets. They need to learn not to borrow from their future.They have a greater than average need to grow in their love relationships, and to shower their partners with acceptance and warmth. They have a strong need for growth, good humor, and fun in their relationships. They have a marked disdain for insincerity, placing great value on people with good intentions and good hearts. They do whatever they can to make those around them feel comfortable, accepted, and of value exactly as they are.Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report — The pursuit of wisdom parallels the pursuit of love in your life. Any conflict in love relationships causes you to consider your spiritual values all over again. You may like the stage of falling in love with a spiritual idea so much that you choose to do it many times before you establish a solid foundation.Some Famous People with Venus conjunct Jupiter: Drew Barrymore, John Belushi, Jeff Bridges, Garth Brooks, Dick Cavett, Patty Duke, Richard Dysart, Morgan Fairchild, Peter Fonda, Ann Jillian, Don Johnson, Jerry Lewis, George Nader, Joe Namath, Paul Newman, Roman Polanski, Trent Reznor, Paul Shaffer, Steven Spielberg, Robert Urich, Henry Winkler, Dwight Yoakam.



Venus Sextile Neptune

You will be sensitive to the feelings of others today. You have the desire to express your love for others through helping them in any way you can. Your intuition and imagination are strong today and you can use these to create works of beauty and art. Subconscious insights can be gained if you listen to your inner voice. You have great sympathy, compassion and psychological understanding of women, family members, and those in need.Romantic, creative, gentle, and adaptable, people born with Venus sextile Neptune or Venus trine Neptune naturally express the finer qualities of mysterious and dreamy Neptune in their love relationships. Their imaginations are rich and their fantasy worlds well-developed. They are turned off by rudeness and crudeness, and are drawn to beauty in its many forms. They are very giving and generous, but may be a little on the submissive side, or sometimes downright lazy, failing to take the initiative when situations call for it.The trine aspect is the more dynamic of these two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Venus and Neptune have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.Alternate Interpretations:^When you love, you love deeply and completely. With Venus in sextile aspect to Neptune, you have the capability of surrendering totally to the essence of Love. Your gentle, caring manner attracts a partner who will desire to love and protect you. You know when you’ve found your true love, because something deep inside you opens up and transports you. Although you have some tendency to hold unrealistic expectations of those you love, you do it in such a caring manner that people are surprised by apparently miraculous changes. You may know when it’s time to forgive and move on, which allows you to remain open to feelings of joy even in the midst of change. Your devotion to high ideals also plays a part in your love relationships, and you are capable of sustaining a love which originates at a very powerful level and which will last through eternity.^Your romantic nature is enhanced through the influence of Venus in trine aspect to Neptune. When you’re in love, you create at atmosphere of magical possibilities which transport you into another dimension. Love can be a purely transcendent experience for you, since you are capable of opening your heart to a true feeling of compassion. Your gentility, creativity and artistry can be especially attractive, and when you’re involved in a loving relationship, you are comfortable sharing the secrets of your heart. Allowing love to flow as you follow its course is quite natural for you, and you will be happiest in relationships which support your sense of divine harmony. Forgiveness and acceptance keep the energy of love flowing freely. From the Astrology Profile for Women reportVenus sextile Neptune or Venus trine Neptune: makes an inspirational musician. It gives a fertile imagination and deep emotions, a nature that is pure and chaste, hence occasionally it leads to platonic unions and companionship of the most ecstatic nature. From The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel.#Your receptive nature allows you to gather information from your surroundings through psychic osmosis. Study situations to get past the shallow mystical veneer. From the Your Spiritual Path report.Some Famous People with Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Neptune: Sextiles – Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Jeremy Irons, Jesse Jackson, Geraldine Page, Gregory Peck, Peter Sellers, Donna Summer. Trines – Hans Christian Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson, Beau Bridges, Anita Bryant, Carol Burnett, e.e. cummings, Geena Davis, Bridget Fonda, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Larry King, Gladys Knight, Nick Nolte, Ivana Trump.



Venus Trine Pluto

Your emotions are deep and powerful. As they say, still waters run deep. Today might be a good day to redecorate or make other changes to your home with the hope of bringing greater beauty and harmony into your life. It's a good time to find new uses for old or discarded items which no longer serve your purposes. Emotional self-regeneration is possible with these energies.



Jupiter Sextile Neptune

You have religious, spiritual, imaginative, and intuitive inspiration at this time. Feelings of mystical contact and Oneness with the Universe give you the desire to expand your consciousness. You have greater understanding, generosity, and empathy towards others. You may seek to share your good fortune with those less fortunate. Money can come to you suddenly as a result of past good deeds. You may be able to tap your subconscious mind for valuable knowledge and inspiration.



Jupiter Trine Pluto

Interest in spiritual regeneration and self improvement are characteristic of this transit. Benefit may come to you through insurance, taxes, or legacies. You may experience an increased understanding of spiritual law and spiritual realities. You may begin to develop an interest in social, religious, educational, and cultural reforms and in helping people to help themselves. Now is a good time to eliminate outmoded concepts and beliefs.

Notes about Transits

Mars is all about action, and where Mars is in our chart with transits is a place where we are prepared to stand our ground. Mars transits can be really productive, but they can also be angsty, aggressive, and sometimes come from a place of anger. It's important to pay attention to how you direct that energy. Mars transits can last for up to a couple weeks.
Jupiter transits enhance your life with optimism and forward-thinking, and lasting for about a month, give you plenty of time to take advantage. Bigger and better is Jupiter's way of thinking, and should be yours as well.
Saturn transits, on the other hand, are where we get a major reality check, and if we’re not ready for them, they can be pretty rotten. Of course, if we’re prepared and up to the task, Saturn transits can also bring very well-deserved rewards, too. Saturn transits last a bit longer than Jupiter transits—usually 2 months or so at a time, but with retrograde cycles, you could be looking at the same lessons three times over a 6 month period.
The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto last for such a long time that they make long-lasting impacts on our lives. In fact, Neptune and Pluto can last for two to three years! Consider their effects, plan accordingly, and make them part of your life for the better.

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