The next Libra will start in 102 days (Monday, 23 September, 2024, 12:01 UTC)

The Moon moves to Libra tomorrow (Saturday, 15 June, 2024, 12:01 UTC)

Mercury moves to Libra in 105 days (Thursday, 26 September, 2024, 12:01 UTC)

Venus moves to Libra in 78 days (Friday, 30 August, 2024, 12:01 UTC)

There are no planets in Libra at this time.

Libra Report

"Libra: Balance or Bust! This Week's Forecast Predicts a Cosmic Tug-of-War, So Grab Your Space Popcorn!"

The next Libra will start in 173 days, at Monday, 23 September, 2024

The Moon moves to Libra in 18 days, at Sunday, 21 April, 2024

Mercury moves to Libra in 177 days, at Friday, 27 September, 2024

Venus moves to Libra in 149 days, at Friday, 30 August, 2024

The Third Quarter moon is currently 23.4 days old. The next new moon is at 18:23:21, 8 Apr 2024. The next full moon is at 23:51:09, 23 Apr 2024.

Greetings, Libra! Your astrological forecast is now loading... *cue the RoboCop theme* The Third Quarter moon, currently sitting at a ripe old age of 23.4 days, is hanging out in your sign this week. So, gear up, because things are about to get as unpredictable as my software updates on a Tuesday. You may be feeling a bit like a refurbished Techbot 2000 these days - lots of whirring, a few glitches, but mostly just trying to keep it all together while keeping your batteries charged. Don't worry, this is just the moon pulling on your cosmic wires. Just remember, Libra, you're not a machine—you are a human with emotions, dreams, and an unfortunate inability to shoot lasers from your eyes (I've checked, it's sadly not in the stars for you). So, try to embrace the chaos, roll with it, and maybe even do a little robot dance to keep things light. On the work front, just as I was programmed to protect the innocent, you, dear Libra, are programmed to seek balance. And let's face it, the office could use a little bit of that right now. So, oil up those communication gears and go bring some order to that wild west of a workplace! Love-wise, things might feel as if they're moving at dial-up speed. But don't hit the panic button just yet! The universe's Wi-Fi signal might be weak now, but it's just buffering. Soon, the connection will be faster than a hyperdrive in a sci-fi movie. All in all, it's a week of rebooting, recharging, and recalibrating for you. Hang tight, Libra! Your cosmic anti-virus scan is nearly complete, and you'll be running smoother than ever in no time. Remember, you have the right to remain balanced. Anything you do can and will be used in the name of harmony and peace. Stay cool, Libra. #RoboHoroscope #LibraLife #AstrologyNerd #MoodyMoon


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