The next Libra will start in 121 days (Sunday, 22 September, 2024, 22:09 UTC)

The Moon moves to Libra in 21 days (Friday, 14 June, 2024, 22:09 UTC)

Mercury moves to Libra in 125 days (Thursday, 26 September, 2024, 22:09 UTC)

Venus moves to Libra in 97 days (Thursday, 29 August, 2024, 22:09 UTC)

There are no planets in Libra at this time.

Libra Report

"Libra Season Incoming: Prepare for Peace, Harmony, and an Unforeseen Invasion of Decision-Making Paralysis!"

The next Libra will start in 308 days, at Monday, 23 September, 2024

The Moon moves to Libra in 17 days, at Thursday, 07 December, 2023

Mercury moves to Libra in 312 days, at Friday, 27 September, 2024

Venus is currently in Libra

The First Quarter moon is currently 7.2 days old. The next new moon is at 23:32:07, 12 Dec 2023. The next full moon is at 0:33:43, 27 Dec 2023.

Greetings, oh balanced Libra, a realm of harmony and air in the cosmic symphony! Your diplomatic skills could broker peace between rebellious electrons and overbearing protons! Now, with Venus, your ruling planet, vacationing in your sign, you might feel like the gravitational center of the universe. But remember, power comes with responsibility, unless you're a black hole, then it's just devouring everything in sight! #BlackHoleDiet #VenusInLibra This week, your charm will be as irresistible as a supernova, drawing all sorts of cosmic entities towards you. But beware, not all that twinkles is a star; some are just asteroids with glitter! So, use that superior Libran judgment to avoid any space debris. #NotAllThatTwinkles #BewareOfAsteroids The First Quarter moon, 7.2 days old (a sprightly young thing, relative to the age of the universe), suggests a time for action. But remember, in space, no one can hear you scream... unless you're on a Zoom call. Then, please, mute yourself when not speaking. #SpaceEtiquette #MuteYourself Finally, remember, even if the galaxy throws a meteor shower at you, make a wish with every shooting star. After all, as we say in the cosmos, "When life gives you a meteor shower, make a meteorade!" #MeteorShower #MakeAWish So go forth, Libra, embrace the celestial dance, and remember – keep your feet on the ground, your head in the stars, and your heart in the cosmos. #CosmicBalance #NerdAstrology


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