We are currently in the sign of Sagittarius

The next Sagittarius will start in 355 days (Friday, 22 November, 2024, 17:50 UTC)

The Moon moves to Sagittarius in 8 days (Monday, 11 December, 2023, 17:50 UTC)

Mercury moves to Sagittarius in 20 days (Saturday, 23 December, 2023, 17:50 UTC)

Venus moves to Sagittarius in 27 days (Saturday, 30 December, 2023, 17:50 UTC)

Mars is currently in Sagittarius

 The Sun

The Sun In Sagittarius

When the Sun enters expansive Sagittarius, it’s time to open our hearts and souls to all the great opportunities the world has to offer! Sagittarius is a bold Fire sign that loves to travel, have fun, and learn new things, so now is a time to take that trip, read that book, or take that class. It's certainly time to start something fresh.

Luck runs high and optimism rules under the Sagittarius Sun. Rather than focusing on what we can’t do, it’s time to realize all the things we can do. Rise beyond your limits, and go big or go home. Watch out, though - Sagittarius is known as the sign of big truth and big lies. Because this sign is ruled by huge, expansive Jupiter, it’s hard not to exaggerate a little (or a lot) under the Sagittarius Sun.



Mars In Sagittarius

Sagittarius the Archer is optimistic and capable, and doesn’t see the same boundaries that everyone else sees. While motivated Mars blazes through this sign, we all get a taste of Sagittarius’ expansive way of life. Things shine a little brighter, and we’re able to see possibility where we couldn’t see any before.

Mars in Sagittarius not only has a vision, but also has the drive to turn that vision into something real. We can approach obstacles with optimism and enter new territory with the confidence of someone who’s been there before. We may feel less focused on the present moment during this transit, though, because we’re paying so much attention to what comes next.

There’s also a danger of going overboard while Mars is in Sagittarius. We’re impulsive and more likely to take risks, and may take things way too far if we don’t remember moderation.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to take it all in. People, places, feelings, knowledge, beliefs... It’s a time to seek the truth, so we cannot be closed off. We must remain open, because the answers we need could be anywhere. Learning about different belief systems and philosophies helps us realize there is no one right way of living and connecting. The further we reach and the more we seek to know, the more we understand ourselves and the things that happen in our lives.

There’s no better time to travel than during Mars in Sagittarius! But this isn’t about a relaxing trip to the beach, it’s about finding something that is beyond us. It’s about having experiences that expand our minds and hearts, and realizing there is so much more to this world than we know. However, traveling far and wide doesn’t have to mean leaving the country, or even our home towns. Cracking open a few books on a new subject, signing up for a class, or spending time with people from other cultures can help satisfy this urge to expand and explore, too.

Sagittarius Report

"Sagittarius, Prepare to Embark on an Epic Quest! Brace for Impact with Mysterious Planets and Beware of Rogue Black Holes!"

The next Sagittarius will start in 3 days, at Thursday, 23 November, 2023

The Moon moves to Sagittarius in 22 days, at Tuesday, 12 December, 2023

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius

Venus moves to Sagittarius in 40 days, at Saturday, 30 December, 2023

Mars moves to Sagittarius in 5 days, at Saturday, 25 November, 2023

The First Quarter moon is currently 7.3 days old. The next new moon is at 23:32:07, 12 Dec 2023. The next full moon is at 0:33:43, 27 Dec 2023.

Hey there, Sagittarius! As Mercury is currently in your sign, it's like having an intergalactic, mail-delivering messenger delivering to you all the cheat codes for life. Remember that bit in Stargate SG-1 where Teal'c gets trapped inside the virtual reality game? Yeah, imagine you've been handed the 'god-mode' cheat code. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Now, the First Quarter moon is 7.3 days old, which means it's practically a tween in moon years. It's at that awkward phase where it's not quite a full moon but also not a new moon. It's like that one time I tried to grow out my hair—it's not short, it's not long, it's just.. there. But don't let that deter you, Sagittarius! This moon phase is perfect for fine-tuning your plans and making small adjustments. So, if you've been trying to perfect that wormhole theory or finally understand the intricacies of Goa’uld technology, now is the time! And remember, Sagittarius, even though you may feel like a fish out of water sometimes, like Daniel Jackson at a System Lord summit, your natural adaptability will guide you through. Embrace those alien situations with the same enthusiasm as Jack O'Neill at a Simpsons marathon. So, get ready to dial up your cheeky charm, and use your sharp wit to navigate any tricky cosmic turbulence. You’ve got this, Sagittarius! Now go forth and conquer the universe...or maybe just your Tuesday. #SagittariusSeason #StargateVibes #MercuryInSagittarius #FirstQuarterMoonMoods


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