The next Virgo will start in 90 days (Friday, 23 August, 2024, 00:11 UTC)

The Moon moves to Virgo in 19 days (Thursday, 13 June, 2024, 00:11 UTC)

Mercury moves to Virgo in 62 days (Friday, 26 July, 2024, 00:11 UTC)

Venus moves to Virgo in 73 days (Tuesday, 06 August, 2024, 00:11 UTC)

There are no planets in Virgo at this time.

Virgo Report

"Virgo: Time to Dust off Your Protractor, The Stars Are Aligning in an Unusually Trigonometric Way!"

We are currently in the sign of Virgo

The Moon moves to Virgo in 23 days, at Wednesday, 11 October, 2023

Mercury is currently in Virgo

Venus moves to Virgo in 21 days, at Monday, 09 October, 2023

The Waxing Crescent moon is currently 3 days old. The next new moon is at 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023. The next full moon is at 20:24:27, 28 Oct 2023.

Hey there, Virgo! It seems like the Matrix has you... and by Matrix, I mean Mercury, which is currently hanging out in your sign. Think of Mercury as that pesky agent Smith, always popping up when you least expect it. But don't worry, it's not all black sunglasses and slow-motion bullet dodges. Mercury, being the planet of communication, will have you spouting Keanu Reeves-like wisdom before you know it. Sure, you might not be able to bend spoons with your mind (unless you're secretly Uri Geller), but you'll definitely wow others with your eloquence and intellectual prowess. The Waxing Crescent moon, a mere 3 days old, is like that training program Morpheus runs Neo through. It's still early days, but the potential for growth and development is huge. Now's the time to plant those metaphorical seeds and watch them grow into... well, whatever you want, really. A giant robot? An army of sentient pizzas? The sky's the limit! Remember, Virgo, in the world of astrology, there is no spoon. So, keep your mental dojo clean, stay flexible, and remember to dodge any negative vibes coming your way. Who knows, by the end of this phase, you might just be the One... or at least feel like it. #VirgoMatrix #AstrologyNeoStyle #MercuryInVirgo #WaxingCrescentMoon #TheOneAndOnlyVirgo #ThereIsNoSpoon


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