The next Virgo will start in 263 days (Thursday, 22 August, 2024, 20:10 UTC)

The Moon is currently in Virgo

Mercury moves to Virgo in 236 days (Friday, 26 July, 2024, 20:10 UTC)

Venus moves to Virgo in 246 days (Monday, 05 August, 2024, 20:10 UTC)

The Moon

Moon In Virgo

Details! It's all about details when the moon is in Virgo. Focus and get it done, especially in your professional life. Pay attention to the everyday things. Organize, plan and execute. Because Virgo loves order and tidy spaces, you’ll feel compelled to organize your living spaces during this Virgo Moon transit. Do it! Then work on your projects, as the Moon's Virgo transit is going to give you the clarity of thought you're after.

When the Moon is in Virgo, you may feel more motivated to take your health more seriously. You might find yourself re-evaluating your diet and nutrition, or possibly taking up a new fitness program. Get out there and make it so!

Virgo Report

"Virgo, Brace Yourself for Cosmic Housecleaning: The Universe is Ready with its Celestial Vacuum Cleaner!"

The next Virgo will start in 277 days, at Friday, 23 August, 2024

The Moon moves to Virgo in 14 days, at Monday, 04 December, 2023

Mercury moves to Virgo in 249 days, at Friday, 26 July, 2024

Venus moves to Virgo in 259 days, at Monday, 05 August, 2024

The First Quarter moon is currently 7.2 days old. The next new moon is at 23:32:07, 12 Dec 2023. The next full moon is at 0:33:43, 27 Dec 2023.

Great Scott, Virgo! The First Quarter Moon is 7.2 days old, meaning it's halfway between the New Moon and Full Moon - just like you're often caught between your practical side and your constant quest for perfection. It's time to channel your inner Marty McFly and embrace the flux in your capacitor! The stars are aligning in a way that may make you feel as if you're driving a DeLorean at 88 mph, but don't fret, my logical Virgo friend. It’s not necessarily a sign that something’s amiss in the space-time continuum. Rather, it’s the cosmos telling you to take a step back, double-check your calculations, and make sure your Marty McFly isn't running around 1955 messing up your present timeline. This could be a great week to take a break from your typical "1.21 Gigawatt" intensity and enjoy some simple pleasures. Maybe invent a mind-reading helmet or take a hoverboard ride in the park. It's all about balance, Virgo, so don't forget to mix some fun in with your serious, science-loving side. Remember, as a Virgo, you have the power to shape your own future. So, whether you're inventing the next time-traveling machine or simply figuring out how to balance work, hobbies, and relationships, trust in your ability to navigate through this 4-dimensional space-time reality. #VirgoVibes #BackToTheFutureHoroscope #FluxCapacitorForesight #MoonPhaseMadness


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