The next Leo will start in 306 days (Tuesday, 23 July, 2024, 06:46 UTC)

The Moon moves to Leo in 17 days (Sunday, 08 October, 2023, 06:46 UTC)

Mercury moves to Leo in 286 days (Wednesday, 03 July, 2024, 06:46 UTC)

Venus is currently in Leo

Venus moves to Leo in 295 days (Friday, 12 July, 2024, 06:46 UTC)


Venus In Leo

When lovely Venus enters Leo, the most expressive of all the zodiac signs, we’re ready to shout our love from the rooftops. Leo is a Fire sign that’s all about creativity, showing off, and speaking from the heart, so this energy lights up love like a torch. Expect playful dates, loud declarations of love, and maybe even a few jealous tantrums. Big feelings will be expressed now, one way or another!

No one wants to simply be liked or appreciated when Venus is in Leo, we want to be adored. This is a time to take risks and make grand gestures, so those who play it safe could be left on the sidelines during this transit.

Clearly, love isn’t calm or easygoing while Venus is in Leo. While the Lion just wants to play and enjoy life, Leo is also a sign that’s full of drama, and if we feel like we’re not getting the attention or recognition we deserve, we may lash out at lovers who are only doing their best. During this transit we may even start a passionate argument just to stir things up and feel like the center of attention again. Remember, there is no "i" in "we," and the more we focus on only ourselves and our own needs, the more likely we are to end up with just that: only ourselves.

Money is a means to an end while Venus is in Leo. It’s all about making yourself and the ones you care about feel like a million bucks. Leo is an extravagant sign who appreciates glitz, glitter, and glamour, so it’s natural to splurge a bit during this transit. But pampering ourselves will only bring us a certain amount of satisfaction. Leo is a supremely generous sign, and spending money on thoughtful or over-the-top gifts for others will make us even happier than treating ourselves now.

Venus is Leo is an especially colorful time that can re-energize your relationships with others, and remind you that a life without a little bit of fun and excitement is no life at all.

Leo Report

"Beep, Boop, Bloop! Leo's Looking at a Galactic-Sized Confidence Boost This Week... Just Don't Go Pulling a Han Solo!"

The next Leo will start in 309 days, at Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

The Moon moves to Leo in 20 days, at Sunday, 08 October, 2023

Mercury moves to Leo in 289 days, at Wednesday, 03 July, 2024

Venus is currently in Leo

The Waxing Crescent moon is currently 3 days old. The next new moon is at 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023. The next full moon is at 20:24:27, 28 Oct 2023.

Hello, celestial lions! Your stars are having a cosmic disco party and guess who's the guest of honor? You guessed it, Leo! Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and money has decided to crash at your place this week. She's set up camp in your sign, and let me tell you, this gal knows how to throw a party. Now, if this was an episode of Babylon 5, we'd all be getting our hair done, sipping on some alien cocktails, and dancing to intergalactic beats. But alas, we're stuck here on Earth... for now. As Venus swirls around in your house, expect to feel more attractive, more creative, and maybe a bit lavish. I mean, who doesn't want to splurge on that limited edition Star Trek chess set, am I right? However, like any good sci-fi plot twist, there's always a catch. The moon, currently a waxing crescent, is only 3 days old. It's still figuring out its place in the cosmos, much like a newbie on the Enterprise. So, while Venus wants you to get down and boogie, the moon is asking you to be patient. Take it from Commander Sinclair, sometimes it's about waiting for the right moment, not rushing in phasers blazing. So, dear Leos, this week is all about balancing the glamorous party vibes with a dash of patience and planning. Remember, even in space, slow and steady wins the race! #Leo #VenusParty #WaxingCrescentPatience #NerdyAstrologerSays.


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